Celebrating 33 with a Staycation

When Craig asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, I asked for an experience instead of tangible gifts. He happily agreed to my idea of doing an overnight staycation in Atlanta, so he booked a room at the Intercontinental Buckhead, and I got to planning. (Of course I wanted to plan my own birthday outing, right?)

My amazing mom kept Leighton for the day and night so we could have a fun little mid-week getaway all to ourselves. We started the staycation off with a walk on the Beltline and took a break for lunch at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall — somewhere that we’d yet to make it to, but that has been on my list for quite a while. It did not disappoint! We shared the fried pickles (the basket included fried red peppers, which were our favorite) and a couple beers along with our sandwiches. He had the Torta Cubano and I had the Spatchock Chicken Melt – both were super filling and tasty. The decor inside is like a campfire mixed with a lodge with a big screened porch and tons of outdoor seating to enjoy the Beltline. I can’t wait to go back!


We wandered around Krog St Market (and may have made a stop by Little Tart Bakeshop) and then walked the Beltline back to Ponce City Market to kill some time until Skyline Park (the Coney Island-style rooftop park) opened for the afternoon.

Skee-ball is one of my favorite games ever — it totally makes me feel like a kid again! So we of course got a few rounds in, and it was so nice being there on a weekday because we practically had the place to ourselves. We won a little plush duckie for Leighton, which was so fitting, as she just started saying “dut” (for her rubber ducks) this week!

We also rode the Heege Tower, which is so not scary like it looks, and it gives an even better, 360 degree view of the Atlanta skyline.

Another perk of being there on a rather empty day… we beat the bartender there, so the manager treated us to samples of a few of their most popular drinks! They included 2 frozen options, which were yummy and so refreshing on such a hot day.

We finished up with a friendly game of putt putt… I can’t even remember the last time I played this game. It was a little tricky, so that’s what I’ll blame my loss on….ūüôā

Ah…. so nice to check into a hotel (or house/wherever we’re staying) and not have to haul half of our house in with us! Our room had the prettiest view of so, so many trees and Stone Mountain in the distance! We spent a little late afternoon time at the pool, helped ourselves to the complimentary lounge bar and snacks, and came back to the room to find a birthday cake and balloons from the hotel! Nicely done.

We capped off the most amazing day with a wonderful birthday dinner at Aria in Buckhead. The atmosphere is dark and romantic, and the food was delightful. I loved my beef short ribs, and Craig loved his scallop dish. Even though I’d already had the best peanut butter cookie at the hotel earlier (and a couple bites of that birthday cake), I couldn’t resist the warm caramel and chocolate cake for dessert.

Despite originally wanting to sleep in on this staycation, I ended up booking a tour with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta for the next morning, and I am so glad I did! Waking up early was not welcomed, but once we got going on our bike tour with the owner, Robyn, I think we were both happy we decided not to be totally lazy instead.ūüôā We rode for 3 hours and covered about 8 miles on part of the Beltline and through the neighborhoods of Inman Park, Candler Park, Old Fourth Ward, Little 5 Points, and more. It was such a cool way to see the city! 

Robyn was kind enough to offer a discount code for my blog readers! Use code: MELISSA to receive 15% off any tour booked through Labor Day (9/5/16). I’m going to share more photos and tidbits we learned in a dedicated post, so check that out soon!

We had the best 24 hour staycation. It was just what I wanted and just what we needed. A little relaxation, a lot of fun adventures, and some solid time for just the two of us. Best of all, we didn’t even have to go far to do that! Our city is filled with so much to do, and I have a new appreciation for the greatness that is the “staycation.” Before it was even over, we decided this needs to become a regular thing. A big thank you to Craig for treating me to an amazing birthday gift of adventure, great food, and time together!

Leighton @ 11 months


Weight: approx¬†20 lbs 15 oz (in late July at a doctor’s appt)

Milestones: She walks!! At just 10 months and 2 days, she officially took her first multiple steps all on her own! Each day, she takes more consecutive steps before plopping down on the floor, but she’s always right back up again. She also learned how to climb the entire basement staircase… (with me right behind her and holding on, of course). She’s one determined and fearless little girl.

Just a few days after hitting 10 months, we realized she’d cut her top front tooth (on the right)! Other than waking up slightly earlier several days in a row, we haven’t noticed any signs of teething or fussiness, thankfully. And while on vacation, she cut her top left tooth – soon she won’t be so snaggletoothed.ūüôā

She’s learned how to point and clap, so her little bag of tricks is growing quickly.


Likes: Food! In this month of the finger food adventure, she’s been introduced to (and likes) strawberries, black beans, Hawaiian rolls, Greek yogurt, baked sweet potatoes, silver dollar pancakes, pears, potatoes, yellow bell peppers, pinto beans, peaches, and yogurt… oh, and cheese dip. So far, the only things she’s not a big fan of are meatballs and mandarin oranges. (She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on…)

She loves being clapped for when she does something good, and she’s obsessed with the rubber duckies who live in her bath tub. Every day, she makes a beeline for her bathroom to go rescue them.

Dislikes: She is generally quite happy, except when we take one of her favorite things away from her (my wallet and car keys tend to be the top favorites). She’s also still annoyed almost every time we put her on the changing table, but there’s no getting around that.¬†

Fun stuff & firsts: Leighton has started “dancing” to music (rocking back and forth). It’s the cutest! She can stand up on her own without needing to pull up on anything, and she walks around the house with her arms up, following Coco wherever she goes. Coco is not a big fan of this game, but she tolerates it because she loves LL.

We had some fun play dates, picked blueberries at our friend Anna’s new house, and are in the process of setting up LL’s playroom down in the basement. She loves it so far!


New sounds include “ooooooo!” (usually while pointing at the air) and “na-na-na-na.”

One of our favorite things she currently does is pick up an item and flip it over and over again in her hands, and then she’ll grab another item and stack them together in one hand to carry around the house. These items range from teething toys to notepads to sunscreen bottles. She doesn’t discriminate.¬†

We’re saying “NO” a lot now that she’s walking and free to roam around (with supervision) and get into things. Sometimes she listens and stops whatever we’ve told her not to do. Sometimes she completely ignores us… but I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s doing.¬†

One of her favorite things to do is push the kitchen chairs around the room until she runs into a wall or counter. She also has a serious newfound love for her little bucket of plastic shapes (which she’s had for months). She’ll carry the bucket all around the house, pull the shapes out, put them back in, and bang two together. Aside from random items like coolers and plastic cups, I’d say this is her favorite toy right now.¬†


Leighton took her second beach trip this year Рwe went to Rosemary Beach, FL for a full week with my family. Read about it here! 


It’s hard to believe that this our monthly update before Leighton turns one. She’s walking, babbling, and so silly. She loves to wave, clap for herself, and give very slobbery kisses. ¬†The time flies so quickly, and she just keeps getting more and more fun!¬†



A Big Family Vacay in Rosemary Beach


We used to take a yearly vacation with my family, and those trips have always created fond memories for us. The past couple years went by without a trip coming together, so this year, we decided a beach vacation was in order. We rented a gorgeous home in Rosemary Beach, FL for a week with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and her parents. We’ve been to the area a few times for weddings, and we’ve always wanted to go back for a longer period of time to just relax and enjoy the quaint little towns that line 30A.


On our way down, we stopped to visit our grandmother Nannie in Samson, AL, and I’m so glad we made time for that. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas when Leighton was just 3 months old… so needless to say, a lot had changed! She got to watch her walk all around the house and see her wave and clap, which are our favorite new tricks of hers. She also made us her famous lemon cake to take down to the beach. Yum!


The week went more quickly than I thought it would. We spent our lazy days trekking back and forth from the white sand beach, hanging at our pool, eating out and cooking at the house, riding bikes and taking long morning walks through Rosemary down to Alys Beach, and enjoying everything else Rosemary has to offer. Oh, and baking in the unbelievably hot, humid weather. I’m from Florida, and I really don’t remember it being this hot.


My favorite day started with a nice couple mile walk along 30A while Leighton snoozed in the stroller (our morning routine), followed by a lazy morning at the house with Leighton before eating lunch and then heading down to the beach by ourselves to enjoy a little sun. Craig acted as the imaginary net for Andrew and Lauren’s very competitive paddle ball game in our pool that afternoon, and then we had our own little happy hour on the patio with a game of Buzzword, snacks, and wine.


The day was followed by of a home-cooked meal of flank steak, au gratin potatoes, green beans, and rosemary bread and peach cobbler from the local farmers market that we’d picked up that Sunday. After putting L to bed, we hopped on some beach cruisers with Andrew and Lauren and rode down to Seacrest Beach to listen to some acoustic music under the stars (and amidst the many bikes for rent). Andrew had us in hysterics over the pineapple bucket hat he’d bought at the souvenir shop and would not take off, despite the many pleas from Lauren. We told him that 1995 wanted its fashion statement back, but he did not care, as usual. It was a pretty perfect vacation day.


On our last full day, the boys played golf while most of us girls went to The Pearl (the local boutique hotel) for a few hours of pool time, lunch with a view, and massages. After chasing an infant around for several days and having many fun but not-so-relaxing trips down to the beach, it was a much-needed escape for mama. It was hotter than I would have liked (as it was the entire trip), but it was so nice to sit by the quiet pool with a mojito and a magazine and not have to entertain a tiny human in the hot hot sun. My most amazing mom offered to babysit Leighton so I could enjoy an afternoon of pampering and relaxation, and it was much appreciated!! We truly are so fortunate to have such an incredible grandmother for Leighton… she loves spending time with her, but she’s also so very generous in giving her time so that we can have a little time to ourselves – even when she’s also on vacation. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for us!


Leighton wasn’t a big fan of the sand, but she seemed to enjoy hanging out in the ocean with us, taking beach naps (as long as I held her, which I didn’t mind), eating lots of puffs and yogurt melts (a new discovery for her this week!), playing with her toys (and coolers) in the beach house, and getting lots and lots of love from her grandparents, aunt, and uncle. I think she’s really going to miss all of her fans now that we’re home!


It’s always nice to come home after being away for a week, but it was such a wonderful trip together! This was our first Sims family trip with grandbaby in tow, and it was certainly one filled with laughter and great memories.


A Few of My Favorite Things (153)

[hanging with Craig’s family]

[weekday pool time]

[her new favorite toy]

[stuffed shells bolognese]

[Friday play date]

[every dinner date should require B.W.D.]

[Decatur Square]

[Craig’s most recent project]

[our resident comedian]

[homemade donut ice cream sammies]

What a busy week! Craig’s family came to visit for a couple days¬†after his sister’s tournament in¬†Chattanooga, and we spent our time visiting, eating Craig’s delicious smoked pork shoulder, playing with Coco and Leighton, and getting some pool time. Leighton and I went to our weekly music class, which she seems to enjoy and get more out of with every week. It was so funny watching her roll around on the new, plush carpet in the music room this week – haha!

Friday was a day of two dates for us — a playdate with our friends at their Avondale Estates neighborhood pool, and a dinner date with my favorite guy. We love The Iberian Pig in downtown Decatur, but we haven’t been back in a few years. I earned a gift card from using Opentable.com for so long, so this¬†was the perfect opportunity to use it. The bacon wrapped dates, charcuterie and cheese selection, pork cheek tacos, and everything else we had were even better than we remembered.

Aside from fun, we also managed to spend a decent amount of the weekend working. I had a photo session for one of my sweet little newborn clients who just turned 6 months, and Craig finished up re-doing much of our deck. He has been working tirelessly on it¬†whenever¬†he has free time, and it looks so great! It’s much more sturdy to hold up to our crazy Coco, who likes to jump on the railings and bark at things, and it looks better, too. And if that weren’t enough, he spent the entire day Sunday helping a friend re-build HIS deck! Good, good man.

Hope y’all have a nice week!

Chattanooga Getaway


Last weekend, we took a little family getaway to Chattanooga, TN. Believe it or not, I’ve never been there, despite the hundreds of¬†times we’ve driven through there on our way to and from Nashville over the years. Craig’s little sister had a softball tournament scheduled for the weekend, and we surprisingly had some free time, so we decided to make a trip up.

First off – why have we never made a point to go there before now?! It’s so easy to get to from Atlanta… it took us an hour and 45 minutes door to (Airbnb) door. And it’s such a pretty place once you get away from the interstate!

We got in town Thursday afternoon, and after checking out our adorable cottage-like rental house, we headed over to the Coolidge Park area. The park area is beautiful and pristine, and the location by the river couldn’t be nicer… but it was SO.SO.HOT. We almost immediately regretted the decision to put Leighton in the stroller to walk around, but we quickly found the antique carousel, and she and I thoroughly enjoyed our ride. We joked that she looked a little seasick when we got off, but I think she had fun.


I got a ton of great restaurant recommendations before going on our trip, and one of the most popular suggestions was Taco Mamacita. Since it was near the park, we continued our walk and sweated our way to dinner. It’s located in a funny little shopping center that is obviously quite old (in a sort of cool, retro way), but there are a few great places sprinkled throughout. Dinner was delicious and super fast, which is greatly appreciated when dining with an impatient infant. I loved their California Club taco, and Craig raved about the Sloppy Jose (which included Fritos in the taco!). We wandered over to Milk & Honey for gelato, and Leighton was a HUGE fan of the couple tastes she got! I think we’ve created a monster.


We spent Friday morning feeling like locals… early breakfast at Aretha Frankenstein’s for the thickest pancakes we’ve ever seen and then a long walk through the neighborhood while Leighton snoozed. Thank goodness we planned to spend the main part of the day at the aquarium so we could get out of the heat. The aquarium consists of two big buildings, one for “river journey” and one for “ocean journey.” It was a long outing for the little lady, but she was a pretty good (quite vocal) sport as we walked through the exhibits. I think our favorites were the butterfly room, stingray touch tank, funny penguins, and the multitude of jellyfish tanks.


After leaving downtown, we took a little detour up to Lookout Mountain and walked/drove through some of the neighborhood streets admiring the view and the incredible mountaintop homes. I had no idea that an actual neighborhood would be that far up the mountain, and so many of the homes were absolutely amazing!


We headed back downtown for a quick dinner at Lupi’s Pizza, which we really liked, and then drove straight back to Milk & Honey for more dessert. (So bad!) We also picked up some pastries for Saturday’s breakfast, including a homemade Nutella pop tart with sprinkles… talk about being right up my alley.


Saturday was spent going back and forth to the softball fields for Craig’s sister’s 3 games. Despite the heat, Leighton was a trooper, and we got to see Cassie’s team win 2 of their games for the day. Go Music City Mustangs!


Due to baby’s bedtime (which we pushed back a decent bit for vacation purposes), we spent each night hanging out on the front porch swing or the back patio drinking wine, talking about how much were obsessed with our baby, and trying not to be eaten alive by killer mosquitos. Aside from those pests, it was the perfect way to wind down and relax after being on the go all day.

By the way, this was our first experience with renting through Airbnb, and we were very pleased with the process and the home we chose! It was so nice to have a whole home (especially a kitchen!), porch, and yard to utilize while traveling with a baby. We took advantage of the walkable location and enjoyed exploring the neighborhood and picking out our favorite homes. A big plus was that the house was just a couple minutes’ drive from pretty much everything we wanted to do, and it felt like we were locals for the weekend. Never would have had that experience by staying at a downtown hotel! Whenever possible going forward, I think we’ll try to rent a home when we take Leighton with us on vacation. If you haven’t tried it yet, get $30 off your first booking!


We had a lovely time in Chattanooga. We’ll just plan to come back next time in the fall so it’s not 100 degrees outside.ūüôā

Craig’s 1st Father’s Day


I love holidays and celebrations, and this year especially, Father’s Day is no exception. Craig jumped into fatherhood with a smile on his face the second Leighton was born, and he’s just become more confident in his new role with each passing day. Sometimes LL likes to give him a hard time and won’t share her kisses, but she’s definitely becoming better buddies with her daddy. I so look forward to watching their bond strengthen in the coming years!

We kicked off the weekend with Leighton’s first boat ride. Despite the pouring rain that showed up right as we were about to load into the water (causing us to sit in the car entertaining Leighton for an hour), we had fun once we finally got to try out the new family boat. Lake Allatoona is so pretty and serene! Our ride didn’t last long thanks to the return of raindrops, but we enjoyed it while we could. It was fun to see Leighton experience another “first”!


Saturday was spent mostly at home, but we did celebrate Leighton’s neighbor best friend Emmy’s 1st birthday at their house down the street. They were born 3 months apart, so I envision these little girls¬†playing together on our street and at the pool for years to come. We also tried out a new restaurant in the Vinings – Stockyard Burgers – and we look forward to going back. Mac n cheese as a burger topping? Yes, please.


The girls and I (yes, that includes Coco) woke Craig up with presents and cards on Sunday morning, which was so fun! Things like this are some of the little moments I’ve dreamed of. We also made him a daddy “bouquet” filled with scratch-off tickets and a gift card (he won $18 and a couple¬†free tickets, by the way).


The rest of the day was spent eating around town with family! Yum! Brunch was at Del Frisco’s, and then we met my family and our SIL’s parents for dinner at my dad’s new favorite spot, Blue Ridge Grill. He and my mom go there weekly when he’s not traveling, and he has made bffs with the servers and staff there. They even made a special dish he requested in advance¬†as¬†one of the evening’s¬†featured items –¬†talk about service!


I can’t talk about our weekend without mentioning my incredible dad, too. He’s the hardest working, most passionate and dedicated person I know, and he¬†has given us invaluable guidance and support over the years. He loves his family deeply, and it’s so neat to now see him with his granddaughter, our baby girl. She’s learned to wave recently, and at each meal we had with my parents¬†over the weekend, she’d just look across the table at him and wave and smile. Heart melting stuff right there.


I’m so thankful for all the dads in my life — Craig, my own dad, my father-in-law, grandfathers, uncles, and many friends who are now parents. I hope they all had a wonderful day being celebrated!

A Black Tie Affair in Blowing Rock

IMG_1704 (1)

Last weekend, we headed to the beautiful mountain town of Blowing Rock, NC for our friends’¬†wedding. I was nervous leading up to that trip because¬†it was the first time I’ve left her overnight (and the first time Craig and I have¬†both been gone together)… but who better to leave her with than my mom? She’s truly the best caregiver for our little LL, and to be honest, I was most worried about Leighton wearing her out!

We rented a historic house called the Springhaven Inn, which was in the absolute best location (right downtown), and we all joked that it was probably haunted. Margaret Mitchell (writer of the book Gone with the Wind) wrote in this house, and there was even a bedroom with a little plaque with her name on the door.


The weekend kicked off with a welcome party,¬†complete with these adorable golf ball cookies (the groom played golf at Ole Miss). We had such a fun night eating, drinking, and visiting with the bride’s family, whom Craig has known since high school.

I didn’t take many photos during the day because we were too busy enjoying Blowing Rock.ūüôā We got to sleep in a little bit (but it didn’t help much since we were up so much later than we’re used to these days…), and then us girls had a delicious¬†brunch in the sweetest little secret garden while the boys went golfing.

We had dinner at The New Public House, which is a boutique hotel and restaurant downtown, and we liked it so much, we went back for brunch the next day! If we hadn’t been in a hurry to get to the¬†rehearsal dinner after party later that night, I think we would have stayed there and tried all seven desserts the server told us they had…

Jaime and Graham got married at a family friends’ home near downtown Blowing Rock, and the setting couldn’t have been more beautiful. They said their vows on the stone steps of the home, and then we danced and dined under the trees and stars. Also, I got Friday and Saturday night’s outfits through Rent the Runway, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my choices! It was so nice to be able to rent a dress for this black tie wedding and know that I wouldn’t then¬†leave it sitting in my closet, never to be worn again. (Click the link above to get $30 off your first order!) Also, doesn’t Craig look dapper in his new tux and bowtie?

Jaime has been going to Africa on mission trips the past few years and just brought Graham along with her this year. They had a table devoted to their travels and special friends in Africa, and they even brought back a little gift for all of their wedding guests!

Meet Mason, the bride and groom’s baby::

Speaking of babies… we can’t wait to meet Ellis in August!

Our haunted house group (plus one)::

The night ended with a Michael Jackson tribute, complete with our own sparkly silver gloves(!!), S’mores over a fire pit in the yard (with the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen), and BLT sandwiches wrapped up to-go. It was such a lovely night celebrating Jaime and Graham. Thanks for having us in Blowing Rock!

Leighton @ 9 months

Height + Weight: 27.75” // 19¬†lbs 11.5 oz¬†

Milestones: Just a couple days after hitting 8 months, Leighton got¬†her first tooth!! She’s been drooling and chewing on anything she could get her hands on for a long time now, so we weren’t sure when she’d actually get a tooth in. My mom spotted it while babysitting her one night, and by the next day, she had a 2nd one right next to it. Thankfully, she’s taken it really well so far. And her now tiny toothy grin is seriously to die for.


She hasn’t quite mastered her first word yet, but I have a feeling that when she does, it’s going to be “dada”! She’s started saying a string of “da-da-da-da-da” all day long, and it’s the cutest little sound I’ve ever heard.

I think her next big milestone is going to be walking any time now. She’s started doing laps around the coffee table and is taking her hands off to stand by herself for a few seconds before falling onto her bottom.¬†Then¬†she’ll crawl over to a piece of furniture to climb right back up to standing position and do it all over again.


Likes: One of her favorite activities is standing along the railing of her crib, holding on with both hands, and bouncing like crazy. I joke that she’s jumping on the bed, and I think she would do it for hours if she could keep from occasionally falling over. She absolutely loves standing up on her own and walking along the railing —¬†and she likes it so much, she’s been waking up some in the middle of the night or really early in the morning to practice… so fun for all involved! Hopefully this is just another one of those phases that will quickly pass.


She’s more obsessed with Coco than ever! When my mom babysits, they like to sit on the floor by¬†Coco’s bed so that Leighton can hand Coco toys to play with. She’ll laugh hysterically, which is more like a cackle¬†with¬†her raspy little voice,¬†¬†and then try to take the toy away or eat it herself.¬†Coco is so incredibly patient and gentle with her.


Dislikes: She still seriously dislikes being strapped into… pretty much anything. Her car seat and strollers are the most offensive, and I think it’s because of the shoulder straps. She also does not appreciate being laid down to have her diaper changed. Girl doesn’t like to be held down!

Fun stuff  & firsts: Leighton is learning how to wave! She holds her arm up in the air and sort of waves her little hand while smiling like crazy.


She regularly sleeps from about 7:15/7:30pm – 6:30/6:45am, which has been a game changer! She’s still a bit iffy on taking good naps, but she does at least go down twice a day. Morning naps are around 2 hours after she wakes up and are super short – more like a cat nap. Her afternoon naps can be anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours (if I’m very, very lucky). She’s just a busy girl with too many things to do… no time for napping!¬†

She’s wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She drinks out of her sippy cup like a champ. We’re now working on how to set it down nicely rather than throwing it across the room or simply letting it fall to the floor when she’s done with it.ūüėČ One thing at a time…¬†


Over Memorial Day weekend, the pool was finally warm enough for Leighton’s first trip! She hung out for about an hour and a half with some of our friends and their kids, and she was so calm, just taking it all in. She liked her baby float, and at one point, she was laid back “reading” her waterproof book. We took her back the next day, and I’m excited to spend many more summer days with her at our pool this year!¬†


Leighton is really into investigating everything she can get her hands into, and she’s learning more every day. She’s currently pretty fearless, which is both fun to watch and also a little terrifying. Her determination with everything she does is amazing, and I’m constantly blown away by the new things she’s learning and figuring out. I love waking up to her as my alarm clock every day (even if it’s sometimes obscenely early) and I love getting to rock her to sleep every night. This age/phase is definitely the most fun one¬†yet. I just love my best little friend.

celebrating 7 years as a mrs.

Today we celebrate 7 years of marriage! I feel like I say this every year, but I still always wonder how time has gone so quickly since our last anniversary. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, right?

This past year has hands down been the best one yet, for one obvious, chubby little reason named Leighton.ūüėČ Becoming parents has been the most exciting and awe-inspiring thing we’ve ever done together, and I wake up every day so thankful that I get to share this experience with you, Craig. And I know the adventures are really just beginning!

You are¬†my best friend and the best teammate and partner I could ever have asked for. You¬†never fail to impress me with your¬†handy skills, you¬†work so hard to support our family and plan for our future, you¬†can cook a mean dinner, you¬†go along with my wacky ideas and various projects, and¬†you¬†never tell me “no” when I say that we just have to have dessert.

You¬†love me so well, even when I sometimes probably don’t deserve it. You make me laugh, you make me feel safe, and you make me so very happy. Cheers to SEVEN incredible years of marriage! Here’s to many, many more years of memory-making with our little family!

And of course I couldn’t write a post without photos, so here¬†are some of my favorite moments from our past year together…

unnamed (2)