wedding weekend in franklin, tn

We spent last weekend celebrating the marriage of one of Craig’s best friends from high school, DT (Daniel), and his sweetie Megan (who also went to school with Craig). I love that Craig is still close with several of his BGA friends and that I’ve gotten to know them all so well – partly from going to college with a few of them, and partly because they have not let time and distance keep them from staying in touch.

Franklin must have been an amazing place to grow up — it feels like a small town, but has great shopping, restaurants and entertainment. I never get tired of walking down Main Street and perusing the boutiques… and eating burgers at Puckett’s. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s 20 minutes from Nashville. I love its quaint downtown and massive plantation homes, sprawling countrysides and windy roads. It’s the perfect place to ride with the windows down and the country music up. It’s one of my favorites places.

Our weekend was filled with old friends (of Craig’s), family, a hot beautiful ceremony, delicious food, shakin’ it at reception #2, and lots of laughter. I just love weddings, and they’re even better when we get to make a whole weekend out of them!

We found these giant old sign letters at William Powell Co.::

Pimiento cheese sammies, fruit tea (always reminds me of Craig’s family get-togethers), and some delightfully cold chocolate Heaven cake on an undelightfully (is that a word?) hot afternoon::

An unofficial tour of BGA, Craig’s high school campus. Quite different from my public school days… ::

Rehearsal dinner at Stoveworks at The Foundry. High school buddies – Ben, Danielle, Craig, and Hunter (and they let me get in the photo)::

Wedding day – 6.23.12::

The happy couple — as Ben said in his toast, “it’s about time!”::

Strawberry and key lime cake yumminess::

Reception #2::

It’s hard to believe how big Craig’s little sister Cassie is… she was 5 1/2 when I met her::

True story, told via double-stuffed cookie cake::

One thought on “wedding weekend in franklin, tn

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Melissa, you have such a great way with words. You have a knack for describing things so that you can really picture it in your head.

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