what’s all this Hoopla about?

In honor of my big HOOPLA trip next week, I’m dedicating today’s post to the wonderfulness that is Stella & Dot. What’s Hoopla, you ask? For anyone who hasn’t heard me gush on and on about this trip the past 2 years, I’ll tell you. (Although I’m doubting any of you haven’t had the pleasure…)

Hoopla is Stella & Dot’s national sales conference that takes place in San Francisco each July. The company has grown tremendously over the past couple years, though, and we’ve finally outgrown the conference hotels in SF. Next year, we’re off to Vegas! Anyway, I’m flying out next Friday for a long weekend of the following:

— 2,000+ women decked out to the nines in sparkling jewelry
— 2,000+ of those same women (and a few good men) screaming and laughing and hugging when they see their long-lost Stylist friends from around the country
— the best training from our CEO, VP of Training, Chief Creative Office, Board Chairman, and many other top leaders in the company
— the fall 2012 collection debut
— swag bags and lots of free goodies
— pajama parties
— listening to stories of struggles, heartache, and great triumph from some of the strongest, most amazing women I’ve ever had the honor of meeting
— awards ceremonies and celebrations
— a HUGE dance party, where our CEO will probably be seen on top of a table in 4-inch heels like last year

Now do you see why I’m always so pumped about this crazy thing called Hoopla?? And oh how that word describes it perfectly. Each year, Hoopla rejuvenates my business and I come home feeling like I can take on the world, one sparkly necklace at a time! I’ve made countless great friends through Stella & Dot — they are my hostesses, customers, and fellow Stylists. I look forward to this extra girly “business” trip more than almost any trip I take all year — and I take a lot of trips.

Here’s a little more of an explanation through photos… enjoy!

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