VA Beach restaurant review:: fire & vine

On our last night of Meg’s beachelorette trip, we were given a recommendation to check out Fire & Vine, which is off the touristy strip where we were staying. I think the manager and waiter were surprised we managed to find them since we were all out-of-towners. Given the name, it’s pretty obvious that much of their menu features woodfired items (which I love). We were the last table to be seated for the night and we ended up closing down the restaurant. They even gave us free celebratory shots! Fire & Vine had great staff and food, and it was nice to eat somewhere not filled with tourists on our trip. I’d definitely recommend if you’re ever in the area.

We shared a few appetizers, and my top favorite was the woodfired baby brie with peaches that came in a cast iron skillet. I only had one bite (with a little bit of pita), but I think I should have ordered that as my meal. I also loved the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese mousse. Goat cheese makes almost anything better!

A couple of us shared woodfired pizzas (the margherita and pepperoni) and each got a huge caesar salad. Nothing was too out of the ordinary, but it was all yummy. One of the other popular dishes at the table was the Charleston-style shrimp and grits… since I don’t care for shrimpies, I took their word for it on that one.

Our lovely group of ladies with the bride-to-be::

Hot pizza::

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