a festive labor day weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was full of food, friends, and football. How surprising!

We spent time at several yummy eating establishments around the city — and one of our favorites was Roy’s Cheesesteaks, which is right down the street from our house. My friend Kristina’s husband is from Philly and gave the thumbs up on these guys, who are legit cheesesteak-makers — they apparently fly their bread in from Philly to make them extra authentic! You also might see them around Atlanta with their food truck, Champion Cheesesteaks. Definitely give them a try!

Friday night, I was invited to JCT Kitchen & Bar for a little celerbation of our friend Courtney, who just got engaged in Mexico the weekend before. I’m beyond excited for Courtney and Joey – they’re just so cute and in love! (He’d probably die if he read this, but it’s true.)

Saturday, we kicked off football season with the Auburn / Clemson game at the GA Dome. It was a LOOONG, HOT day, but it was fun to visit with our Auburn friends (and a few of us wives/girlfriends who were nice enough to don orange and navy for the day).

Sunday was filled with more eating…. brunch at Kaleidoscope (featured in my post Wednesday) and dinner at Orient Express. I share a deep love of hibachi and fried rice with our friend Renee, so we often drag Craig and Brian (her husband) there for dinner dates.  No photos taken, but I’m sure you can imagine.

Since we were filled to the brim after eating all around town the previous two days, we took the boat up to Lake Lanier to celebrate our Monday off. Andrew was our captain for the day. It was surprisingly not crowded for a holiday weekend — I guess we can thank the cloudy day and threat of storms for that. Good news for us — no rain all day!

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