restaurant review:: local three

My dad was passing through town on Sunday night, so we went our for dinner at one of my new favorites, Local Three, which is just off West Paces and very close to the Vinings area. Good, interesting food, nice atmosphere, fun desserts, and close to home = A+ in my book. Oh, and they have a thing for pigs.

Here’s the restaurant’s philosophy, from their website: People Matter Most, Local Is Priority, Seasonal Makes Sense, Authenticity Rules, Quality Governs, Delicious Trumps, Pretense Stinks, Comfort Feels Good, Appreciation Tastes Better, Prudence Sustains It All.

Their menu changes often, but here are some of the things we tried and really liked….

They have lots of small plates and appetizers to choose from, and these two win a prize for funniest names:
Rat Toes (Shrimp & Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños Wrapped in Bacon)
Redneck Meze (a sampler plate with Pimento Cheese, Field Pea Hummus, Deviled Eggs, Country Ham, Pickles, Saltines)
For dinner, our table’s favorites were the Flatbread Pizza with Olive Oil, Goat Cheese, Parmesan, Fresh Herbs; Herbed Chicken Schnitzel that was accompanied by Mac-n-Cheese, Apple & Cabbage Slaw, and Grain Mustard Jus; and Crispy Duck Leg Cassoulet with House Bacon, White Beans, Fresh Herbs, and Crusty Bread. I got the Schnitzel, and it was good to the last bite! Mac n cheese was creamy and delicious — and not a drop of truffle oil in sight, which I really appreciated. I know truffle oil is all the rage, but it’s just not for me. Not at all. Another funny menu item = The McDowell: Two Angus Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, American Cheese… sesame seeds…. I’ll have to get that sometime.
For dessert, we of course had to try multiple items. Gary’s Candy Plate consisted of 3 samples of sweet treats. My favorite was the mini red jelly-thing covered in sugar.  The “Twix” Bar (shortbread, caramel, white chocolate) was yummy, but incredibly sweet… as Craig’s mom says, “it makes my teeth hurt!” And our hands-down favorite was the White Chocolate Ice Cream Bar (sans kiwi sauce – that bright green stuff was WEIRD).

If you haven’t been yet, I’d suggest you hit up Local Three! It’s pretty hard to find, though, so beware. But it’s worth the hunt for the treasure at the end!

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