restaurant review:: scalini’s

Scalini’s Italian Restaurant is well known in Smyrna for helping pregnant women go into labor with their Eggplant Parmesan dish. They even have a wall dedicated to babies who have been born within something like 48 hours of their moms eating said dish. It’s a very unassuming restaurant located in a shopping center next to a Best Buy and a gym. But we’ve always been curious, so we decided to check it out a couple weeks ago. First of all, the place is HUGE. We walked through several rooms before we were seated at a little table in a large dining room. It’s a very mom and pop-type of place – it’s been around for at least 25 years and is no frills, but serves good portions and yummy Italian food.

We started with Fried Ravioli with Marinara Sauce… yummy, fried cheese goodness. How can you not love that? Unless you’re like my coworker Jeff, who despises any form of cheese, which is just beyond my comprehension.


With every pasta dish you order, you get garlic rolls and salad. Look at this mound of garlic!! Glad we’re not vampires. They were pretty delicious, though.

So many things sounded good, but we both ended up getting a sort of sampler platter called the Roman. You can’t tell from the photo, but that dish included lasagna, manicotti, and cheese ravioli baked with meat sauce. We didn’t think they’d all come covered in a bubbling layer of cheese, but it was still delicious nonetheless.

It was fun to try out what seems to be a Smyrna legend (at least in the Eggplant Parm/baby delivery department). It’s definitely not a heart healthy meal or good for those on a diet, but I’d go back again sometime when I’m feeling indulgent.

2 thoughts on “restaurant review:: scalini’s

  1. Nice summary,

    SPT: Always request “meat sauce” instead of the marinara with the fried ravioli app.

    Source: Held nearly every position at Scalini’s (Sandy Springs) in High School.

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