all wrapped up

While perusing Pinterest last week, I was inspired to finally bite the bullet and organize my overflowing wrapping paper storage. I have had the same under-the-bed storage container since college, and while it served me well, it’s just not big enough anymore… or easy to see anything other than the top layer of paper that’s store inside. I debated just buying a standing plastic container that would hold my many rolls of paper, but I didn’t have a great solution for everything else…. bags, boxes, ribbon, and more. I really liked the look of the Elfa systems from the Container Store, and after seeing how much a couple bloggers were able to store on one closet door, I was sold.

The photo below was my main inspiration for what to buy when I went to Container Store last weekend. 

Here is what I purchased to create my gift wrapping storage station:
  • 77-3/4″ Mounted Standard
  • Set of 2 Residential Overdoor Hooks
  • 3 Deep Baskets
  • 2 Shallow Baskets
  • 1 Media Rack

This is my my faithful old plastic container and my not-so-organizd collection of gift wrapping supplies. I set everything out on our pool table (which is in the basement bedroom where I decided to hang my new wrapping paper rack) to get a better idea of what I needed to throw away or keep.

I then stacked everything in piles…. paper, ribbon, boxes, tissue paper, holiday bags, regular bags, and gift tags. (And a couple random peacock feathers from a home decor project.)


Next, we hung the rack. You can opt to either drill into the door or use their removable overdoor hooks, and I liked being able to have more flexibility with with the hooks in case I want to move the rack upstairs one day. The baskets snap into place very easily… it took less than 10 minutes to put this all together.

At the top, I started with the ribbon lined up in 2 shallow baskets so it would be easy to get out when needed. I decided to organize everything with holiday items down the right side so I don’t have to pick through reindeer paper 10 months out of the year.

I filled the first deep basket mostly with tissue paper, because I have a lot of it. I feel like I was always buying it at Target because I could never find what I needed in my old container… so no more excuses to buy colorful paper now! On the right, I popped in holiday treat bags and gift card holders.  I also learned that I have a lot of gift bags I never noticed… so those filled the 2nd deep basket. Festive holiday bags and tags on the right and everything else on the left.

The 3rd deep basket at the bottom was reserved for the star of my favorite, the wrapping paper. I used a media rack about halfway up from that to hold the paper in place. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough room for my extensive collection, but after tossing a few old rolls that were smashed and/or too small to wrap anything, I ended up with plenty of room to spare.

Here’s the finished product! I decided to store all boxes in the closet, as several of them were too large to fit in the baskets, and they’re not very pretty anyway. I’m so excited to have this new system in place and be a little more organized and intentional about what I’m using, so as not to feel like I’m constantly buying more wrapping supplies that I don’t need. And it’s so colorful and pretty! I can’t wait to wrap some gifts!


2 thoughts on “all wrapped up

  1. I absolutely LOVE this!! I Used an over-the-door spice rack for similar purposes, but the baskets aren’t as deep as I would like them to be! I will have to try this for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! I found a couple great blogs that gave a how-to and adapted it to fit what I needed. I’m so happy with the way it turned out — very colorful, and more importantly, organized!

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