restaurant review:: west egg

Last weekend was nowhere near my first visit to West Egg, but I haven’t been there in quite a while, so I thought I’d give them a shout out. They’re located in West Midtown (Atlanta), and I think they’re easily one of the most packed-out brunch spots on any given weekend. We met a few friends to celebrate one of their birthdays last Saturday, and as usual, there was a wait, but it’s worth it.


There are SO many delicious options that it’s hard to make a decision. I chose the Peachtree Plate, which is basically an assortment of several basic breakfast items, but waaaaay better. Think pimiento cheese grits, eggs any way (I asked for cheese on mine), a big fluffy biscuit, fried green tomatoes, and candied bacon. YUM! Craig got the bacon and pimiento cheese omelet (sense a trend among us?) and he was very happy about the large amount of chopped bacon included. The one thing I wasn’t thrilled with — mimosas are $6/glass, and as you can see, they’re tiny. I think that’s their way of moving customers out quickly due to the never-ending crowd waiting to be seated.


In other news…
The challah french toast is pretty yummy. And I like the fried green tomato blt a lot better than eating them sans sandwich, as seen above.
West Egg serves breakfast all day, and they serve “Brinner” on Sunday nights (the brunch menu is extended through the evening). Lastly, I didn’t have any with brunch, but they also have amazing Coca Cola cupcakes!

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