lake tahoe love

Every year, I look forward to our annual family trip to Lake Tahoe. We as a family have gone out to Tahoe once a year to ski in the late winter/early spring for many years now. My mom stopped joining us a few years ago, as she no longer skis, but she always sends sweet treats with my dad, which we love. (This year, she sent homemade Cowboy Cookies, which were dee-lish! — I’ll post the recipe soon).

I love going to Tahoe, but man, is it hard to get to. Two flights and then a an hour or so drive up the mountain to get there once we land in Reno. Thankfully, my dad is so sweet to send us a stylish, roomy ride!

Sunset view of the lake from Friday’s Station at the top of Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. Could it be any more picturesque?



The view from the top (10,000 feet). This is by far my favorite skiing view of anywhere I’ve been. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to run into anything because that view is just so distracting.





My favorite restaurant in Tahoe is the Sage Room at Harvey’s Hotel and Casino. It’s dark and fancy and even though we only visit once a year, the staff members always remember my dad and are so friendly. My favorite part is that everything I order is prepared table-side! There are many other things on the menu, but I never stray from the Caesar Salad, Steak Diane, and Cherries Jubilee because I like getting to watch them make it! This year, Craig was extra adventurous and ordered the Antelope. I tried it (yay me!) and it was really good — not gamey, but more like red meat, and a little sweet.




Last day of skiing — we took the lift to the very top and skied over from California to Nevada. Such a gorgeous view of the lake on one side and Reno and barren landscape on the other.




Thank you, dad, for being so generous and bringing us on the wonderful trip each year. It’s one of my favorite trips, and we make so many fun family memories that I’ll always cherish!


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