A Few of My Favorite Things (16)

[JT’s new album – I’ve been waiting for this for 6 years.]

[Coco does not enjoy our jokes.]

[In love with the custom wedding maps by my friend Natalie. And so so excited for Lauren + Andrew’s upcoming wedding!]

[Yum. Nothing like warm biscuits and honey (from my friend’s Farm House in FL.]

[Summer collection debuts 4/8! Talk about the perfect time to start a new adventure as a Stella & Dot Stylist]

The work week seemed to fly by last week, and thankfully, the weekend went by very slowly for us! We have a busy week coming up with travel, so a low-key weekend in town was much-appreciated. We started a quick little DIY project in our bathroom, dined at the fine establishment of Cracker Barrel with a gift card we got for Christmas (their chicken ‘n dumplins are the bomb), had dinner with some friends at Goldfish (Craig was very excited to actually have people to eat sushi with him), and we acted as getaway car chauffeurs for my friend’s sister Kat and her new hubby after their wedding. I guess that doesn’t make our weekend sound so quiet after all, but that’s just how we roll. :/ I’m so looking forward to this weekend — I’ll be heading to Vegas for my soon-to-be sister in law’s bachelorette trip!

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