a quick little bathroom DIY

Wednesday, 4/10 was our 3 year anniversary of moving into our house. (oops — totally forgot that the other day!) For months and months and months, I’ve been trying to figure out how to fill the wall space in the small room that houses our toilet in the master. I wanted something functional for storage, but not a giant wooden cabinet. So after we successfully built and stained our guestroom headboard, I decided we could just build our own shelves and make them what I wanted.

Here’s a very blah before photo::


Craig had a couple pieces of cabinet grade board left over from another project,
and they magically happened to be just the size I needed, so no cuts were involved.

We were very precise in our measuring for shelf placement. 

To prep for staining, I lightly sanded them (mostly just the edges).

I had some leftover stain from the guestroom headboard, and I loved the way that turned out, so I used it for the shelves as well.


I waited several days for the shelves to fully cure, and I bought four 6″ metal brackets from Home Depot (2 for each shelf).
Time to install!

My live-in handyman.

The install was pretty quick — Craig just screwed one side of each bracket into the bottom side of the shelves,
and then he screwed the other side of the brackets into the wall.

I bought this cute rectangular woven basket at Target, and it’s perfect for holding toilet paper! 

This cute little white sea urchin is from Target as well.  I think he gives a nice clean pop to the dark shelves. 

The finished product! These shelves bring great contrast into this little room and
also provide some fun storage for practical use — and cute decorations.

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