date nights for you + your favorite


I’ve started keeping a list of my favorite date night ideas to spice up our weekends and free time. There are so many fun adventures to take around Atlanta and the surrounding areas, yet we usually end up doing the same things.
So here’s a list of some of the fun things we have done or want to cross off our list!


1) Spend an afternoon at the zoo or aquarium.
2) Go bowling – loser buys dinner!
3) Play putt putt golf & celebrate the winner with ice cream.
4) Go-kart racing!
5) See an improv comedy show.
In Atlanta, we love going to late night shows at Dad’s Garage Theatre.
Relatively cheap tickets, buckets of beer, and gut-busting comedy. Can’t beat it.
6) Have a picnic in the park.
Bring your blanket, wine, and cheese… turn on some music on your phone and watch the sunset!
7) See a drive-in movie.
Perfect for those warm spring and summer nights. Pack drinks and dessert to enjoy during the movie.
8) Have movie night in with a popcorn bar.
Pop in a movie, light some candles, and make your own little popcorn bar,
complete with butter, m & m’s, peanuts, or whatever other fun toppings strike your fancy.
9) Take a cooking class.
10) Visit an art, history, or science museum.
11) Spend a Saturday morning at the local farmers market.
Stock up on some fresh goodies and make a meal together when you get home.
12) Visit a local festival or fair.
So many option – food and/or beer festivals, craft fairs, music festivals, and even BACON fests (if your city is so lucky).
13) Attend an outdoor concert.
14) Take a day trip to a nearby town.
Always wanted to check out a nearby beach or mountain town? Hop in the car with a map (or your GPS) and turn up the tunes.
Visit a mom and pop diner, specialty boutiques, wander the parks… and be sure to pick up a little souvenir to remember your day.
15) Take a bike ride around the city.
16) Go on a winery tour.
17) Go thrifthing/antiquing.
Find something to re-vamp and make your own.
18) Get tickets to a professional baseball / football / basketball game and cheer on your home team.
19) Volunteer at a local animal shelter or organization of your choice.
20) Have a backyard bonfire with s’mores.
21) Get all dressed up in your finest and see a show at the theater.
22) Take dancing lessons. Learn the Waltz or the Tango… it’ll be fun to practice in your kitchen later!
23) Go to a Mystery Dinner Theater.
24) Get pedicures together! You know there are lots of guys out there who would love it.
25) Keep a list of restaurants you both want to try. Take turns picking a new place every couple weeks.
26) Go sky high with a hot air balloon or airplane ride over the city.
27) Get a hotel room.
Put on the plush robes, order room service, and stay in for the night.
28) Have lunch at a food truck park.
29) Visit a pumpkin patch in the fall.
Decorate your pumpkin together when you get home.
30) Hit up the driving range or the gun range.
He can show you how to perfect your swing/shot… or you can show him!
31) Go to the county fair.
Act like kids… ride the rides, overload on corn dogs/cotton candy/funnel cakes, have your faces painted, play games and win a goldfish.
32) Test drive a car just for fun.
33) Specific to Atlanta, go see a children’s puppet show at the Center for Puppetry Arts (shameless plug).
Wander the Museum and make a puppet to take home as a souvenir of your day!
34) Go on a quest to find the city’s best dessert… so what if you have to try 2 or 3 places in one night?
35) Re-enact your first date. Go all out and have fun remembering what it was like when you first started dating!

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