A Few of My Favorite Things (20)

[fresh fruit overload at the international farmers market]
[red velvet twinkies. my new favorite dessert.]

[quick kitchen art project + an adorable treat jar for coco.
the cities represent milestones for us, from where we met to where we now live.]


[and my brass animal collection begins with mr. rhino]

[the berry mintelow cocktail @ 5 seasons]

Working events makes for a hectic week…glad that’s over! We were fortunate to have another low-key weekend at home, though. We went out to listen to a band Craig likes at a little old house-turned-restaurant/bar, and we also scored a private room at dinner with several friends on Saturday night. Love those rare weekends in town where we just sort of make plans as we go…. but so looking forward to this coming week, as we leave bright and early Thursday to celebrate a couple friends’ wedding in Seaside, FL!

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