A Few of My Favorite Things (22)

[zucchini boats]


[outfit of the week: stella & dot palm springs scarf // rebel necklace // wanderlust triple wrap bracelet (turquoise) //
rhea bangles // christina link bracelet // secret garden ring]

[friday dinner double date at varasano’s pizzeria]

[saturday morning treat – breadwinner mini loaf]


[grant park farmers market – s&j’s “delish” pizza + chocolate sea salt pops from king of pops]


Other than the constant downpour on Saturday, what a lovely weekend it was at home! We didn’t really do much to celebrate Cinco de Mayo other than dinner at La Paz with our friends (my, how the times have changed), but we ate our way around town, and that was good enough for me. We had a dinner date with my brother and his fiance on Friday night, as it was the last time we’d see them before their wedding weekend…. which is now less than 2 weeks away! I can hardly believe it. I need to start practicing my toast so I can make it through more than 1 sentence without crying.

Sunday turned out to be really nice most of the day — the sun even made an appearance! We made a trip across town to the Grant Park Farmers Market to pick up some homemade pizza dough from our good friend Jonathan of S & J’s Pizza — and to eat some of that pizza, of course. We finished our weekend off with homemade burgers… yum! Why do so many of our weekends revolve around food?

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