andrew + lauren tied the knot! part 2:: welcome reception

In true Andrew and Lauren fashion, they wanted everyone coming into town for the wedding to be included in the festivities and fun on Friday night, so they planned a welcome reception at one of the BEST spots in Athens — the Georgia Theatre rooftop. For those not familiar with the venue, GA Theatre opened as a concert hall in 1977 and has been home to performances by the B-52s, REM, Sting and The Police, and so many other famous acts. In 2009, a fire tragically gutted the famous and beloved building that so many of us have countless memories of during our college years. It reopened in 2011 and while I haven’t seen the inside of the theatre, I think the rooftop makes the venue infinitely better than it once had been. Views of downtown Athens, a great breeze, and a fun bar made for the perfect welcome reception!

Lauren and Andrew had their name in lights!

I had the honor of creating a slideshow to share with everyone at the party. Andrew and Lauren didn’t want to see it in advance, so it was fun to see their reactions. I’m such a sucker for wedding slideshows. 




My mom’s family, minus a few who couldn’t be there. I’m so glad we got to spend quality time with our Florida family last weekend!


Lauren’s brother, sister-in-law, and one of many bffs


Almost Mr. and Mrs.!

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