andrew + lauren tied the knot! part 3:: the big day, pre-wedding

The Big Day — May 18, 2013

Andrew and Lauren started dating toward the end of college and then moved to Atlanta upon graduation. Our family quickly grew to love Lauren, and I know we’d all agree that last weekend’s wedding was just a formality, as she’s been a part of our family for a long time.   Together with them, we’ve gone on so many family trips, had too many delicious dinners, celebrated Christmas Eve at her parents’ house with all of her family, and shared countless memories. Lauren has become a sister to both Craig and me, and I’m forever thankful that they found each other and have now officially become husband and wife.

I’m also so honored to have been a part of Lauren’s bridal party with her 6 very best friends. It’s been so much fun helping Lauren plan their wedding for the past year, hosting and attending wedding showers in their honor, going on her bachelorette trip to Vegas, giving her wedding advice, and finally, standing beside her while she married my little brother. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world. So without further ado…. enjoy my view of Andrew and Lauren’s wedding day.

It started with the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Indigo. Yep, we fancy. Lauren got the suite for all of us girls to get ready in on Saturday, and it was way to start the day. Our moms and her grandmother joined us, and Lauren’s sister-in-law Sam (who is an amazing makeup artist) brought her talented friends to turn us all into pretty, pretty princesses. It’s a good thing that suite was big, because within about 5 minutes of their arrival, the place was a zoo filled with hairspray, makeup, mimosas, and girls in matching bathrobes.





Most of the other photos need no description, but this one is special. Lauren tied this locket with one of her favorite photos of her little brother Bryan onto her wedding bouquet. Her family lost Bryan in high school, but he was ever so present the entire weekend. 



Andrew and Lauren had their “first look” before we headed out on a trolley to take pictures around town (which was SO fun, by the way). The entire wedding party and our parents were invited to watch from inside as they got their first glimpse at each other in the garden just outside the hotel. Seeing Lauren walk up to Andrew and tap him on the shoulder, and him turning around to gush over her dress and how stunning she looked…. it was unbelievably sweet and special.


We spent the afternoon riding around town on the trolley, drinking champagne with cute stripey straws, and posing at the Arch (which is the entrance to the beautiful North Campus, where we also took photos), the Last Resort mural, and Farm 255.  I think it made for a really memorable and fun day for the bride and groom to spend time with their parents and closest friends before their wedding. If I were to go back in time to my wedding, I think I’d do the same thing!


The famed Arch leading into UGA’s North Campus



I love this colorful mural outside of Last Resort — one of everyone’s favorite restaurants in Athens

Stay tuned for the final installment tomorrow!

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