A Few of My Favorite Things (25)

[weeknight dinner with mom’s homemade spaghetti recipe]

[bobblehead birdie gift from Mexico]

[Look of the Week: Giraffe Top (J. Crew several years ago) // Coral Skinny Jeans (Express last year) // Tory Burch sandals //ย Rebel Pendant // Kimberly Earrings // Renegade Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Camilla Ring]

[Nutella Yogurt at Pinkberry? Yes!]

[Saturday treats]

Memorial Day weekend… the start of summer, a long weekend, and a time to be thankful for the fearless and selfless men and women who have or are currently fighting for our freedom. We were able to get in a little pool, brunch, and cookout time with some friends early in the weekend before heading down to south Alabama for my grandfather’s funeral on Memorial Day. We called him ย Bop and he was affectionately known as Bubba to everyone else. We will miss him terribly, but I’m thankful that my brother and I and all of our cousins grew up being so close to our grandparents. We all have memories of him to last a lifetime.

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