A Few of My Favorite Things (25)

[weeknight dinner with mom’s homemade spaghetti recipe]

[bobblehead birdie gift from Mexico]

[Look of the Week: Giraffe Top (J. Crew several years ago) // Coral Skinny Jeans (Express last year) // Tory Burch sandals // Rebel Pendant // Kimberly Earrings // Renegade Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Camilla Ring]

[Nutella Yogurt at Pinkberry? Yes!]

[Saturday treats]

Memorial Day weekend… the start of summer, a long weekend, and a time to be thankful for the fearless and selfless men and women who have or are currently fighting for our freedom. We were able to get in a little pool, brunch, and cookout time with some friends early in the weekend before heading down to south Alabama for my grandfather’s funeral on Memorial Day. We called him  Bop and he was affectionately known as Bubba to everyone else. We will miss him terribly, but I’m thankful that my brother and I and all of our cousins grew up being so close to our grandparents. We all have memories of him to last a lifetime.

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