our new pet: the fiddle leaf fig

We got a new pet this week. His name is Freddie, and he’s a Fiddle Leaf Fig. No, he does not grow figs, but I think he’s awesome. Fiddle Leaf Figs seem to be all the rage with decorators right now, and I agree. I love the structure, big leaves, and thin stem. And they can grow to be HUGE! I saw a photo of one here that stretched all the way across a large living room that was 2 stories tall. Amazing!

We have a 2 story living room and just re-arranged the space. This opened up part of a wall that had previously housed a leaning bookshelf, so the spot was just waiting… for a fiddle leaf fig! I’d read online that they are hard to come by because they’re so trendy right now, so I wasn’t hopeful that I’d find anything soon. I’d seen some very small ones on the Home Depot site, but even those were sold out online. I finally called the closest Pike Nurseries location and hit the jackpot! They said they had 4′ tall trees…. which actually turned out to be 5’+ tall!

Here’s the guy we picked out with the help of Pam, the very knowledgeable and helpful store associate. Yes, I remember her name because she was awesome. This pot was a beautiful color, but it was a tad too small for such a big plant.


He made it home safely (with a slightly larger pot)!


Thanks to mom and dad for letting me pick out an early birthday gift! I love it and can’t wait to see how big Freddie gets!
For anyone in search of a Fiddle Leaf Fig, I highly recommend checking your local Pike’s. Their staff is beyond helpful with picking out the right plants, pots, soil, etc., and they’ll also give you tons of tips on how to keep that thing alive once you take it home.

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