A Few of My Favorite Things (31)

[Look of the Week – perfect for summer:: neon green sun dress (Old Navy) // skinny gold belt (J. Crew) // Stella & Dot Palomino Necklace // Renegade Bracelet //  Christina Link Bracelet // Rhea Bangles in gold]

[Monday night dinner with girlfriends from my freshman dorm — a monthly tradition]

[celebrating a happy 4th with sparklers]

[boating on Old Hickory Lake]
[love the perks of my job with Stella & Dot — a huge discount on my 1st pair of Italian leather Tieks flats!]
What a fun week. Holidays and traveling always make for great memories, and this weekend was no different. We had a much-needed little break from work, and we got to spend it with some of our nearest and dearest at our friend’s family lake house in TN. Craig has been going there for 16 years, and I have been for 9, so it’s become quite the tradition. Stay tuned for our vacation post!

And then I came home to this fun package from Tieks — a turquoise box with a giant flower on top, a hand written thank you note, gorgeous fuchsia flats, and 2 fun bags to hold not only the folded flats, but your heels when you switch them out! What a great presentation. I can’t wait to show them off in Vegas at Hoopla next week!

Tie Dyed Cake!

In honor of one of my coworkers’ last day in the office, I wanted to bake a cake. A fun, colorful, tie dyed cake, to be exact. She has such a fun-loving, silly personality, and she loves all things bright and crazy, so I knew this would be perfect. I have not made one before, but thankfully, lots of Pinterest folks have. I found several posts there with “tie dyed” cakes and colorful frosting techniques, and I used instructions from here. I do not claim to be a fantastic from-scratch baker, so this box mix recipe is perfect for the busy girl on the go who just loves semi-homemade treats.

1 box white cake mix and accompanying ingredients (check box)
1 can white frosting
gel food coloring in an assortment of colors (I used regular and neon)
2x 8″ round pans


1. Preheat oven according to box.
2. Following box recipe, prepare mix.
3. Grease 2x 8″ round pans.
4. Divide batter evenly between 6 small bowls. Add gel food coloring in 6 desired colors (1 per bowl).


5. Starting with 1 pan, pour each layer one on top of the other. It is easiest to get a good shape by pouring in a concentric circle, making each layer a little smaller than the previous one. Be sure to leave enough batter in the bowl to fill the 2nd pan
6. Fill the 2nd pan in the same manner, using the last color first, and so on, going backward in order from the previous pan.


7. Bake both pans according to box directions.
8. Let cakes cool and remove from pans.

9. Mix up a small portion of white frosting with your preferred gel color. Cover the top of one cake layer with colored frosting.
10. Place un-frosted layer on top of 1st layer. Cover top and sides of cake thoroughly with white icing.
11. You can leave it here and have a fun surprise inside of the white cake, or you can tie dye the outside as well!

To tie dye the frosting…
1. Draw concentric circles on the top of the cake with gel icing. Use 1 color per circle. The order I used was pink / orange / yellow  / green / blue / purple (the pink looks sort of red-ish).
2. Using a butter knife, icing knife, or small paintbrush (new or used only for food), begin running the knife/brush between circles from the center of the cake to the outer edge. I did about 8 lines evenly spaced around the center circle. Be sure to wipe knife/brush often between every couple circles, so as not to smudge the dark colors through the light ones. Nobody wants a big dark mess on the top of the cake.
3. This technique will create a spider web effect. You can then go back and smudge more lines to fill in the white spaces and create a tie dyed look.

4. You’re all done! I found that if you’re in the south with lots of humidity, it’s best to refrigerate the cake after decorating if you won’t need it for a few hours. Otherwise, you might have that big mess of colors that you were trying to avoid in step 2.

cake3 cake4

A Few of My Favorite Things (30)

[tasty frozen treats]

[Look of the Week: coral Rachel Roy tank // blue and white American Eagle skirt // Stella & Dot Maya Pendant in lapis // Libby Necklace in gold // Millie Necklace // Serenity Small Stone Drops in lapis // Secret Garden Ring // Bardot Spiral Bracelet]

[1st Braves game of the season]

[friday night at the Ted with family and friends]

[Sunday morning treat — nutella stuffed french toast!]

[Craig’s weekend patio project]

[weekend trunk show – fresh fruit cocktails included]

I think I ask every Monday how the previous weekend went by so quickly. This Friday marked the last day of one of my coworkers, so we had a celebration lunch in her honor, and I got to play with neon food coloring for a fun little cake. It was a hit — I’ll have a post up tomorrow with instructions on how to make your own neon surprise. We also had some special guests in town (Craig’s dad and brother) for the Braves game and Chipper Jones’ induction into the Braves Hall of Fame. It was our first game of the season, and it was H.O.T. And I may have spent an hour in line for burgers from Holeman & Finch… yummy and glad I got one, but not sure I’d wait an hour and pay $11 for just a burger again. I don’t really go to the games for the baseball watching though anyway, so I enjoyed my social time with the girls. Terrible fan, I know.

I got to see two friends’ new homes, which was exciting, and Craig finished up a yard project to make our back patio look a little nicer and less like a giant concrete slab. We spent Saturday night celebrating my dear friend Grams’ birthday at one of the most delicious Highlands neighborhood favorites, Murphy’s.  Sausage and Spinach Meatloaf + Beef Brisket over mashed potatoes + good wine + Tollhouse Pie = fantastic meal. And on Sunday, I ended the month of June by doing a fabulous trunk show with a lovely hostess and tons of delicious food. Quite a great weekend, indeed.  I look forward to this week because we have 3 work days and then are headed off to celebrate the 4th in TN!