A Few of My Favorite Things (35)

[a mid-week summer treat – and the best part is that part of each sale went to Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta]

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week — don’t you love a good, versatile scarf?? Frida Scarf (shown 2 ways) // Sanibel Pendant in gold (can be worn 4 ways) // Renegade Bracelet // Eden Bangle // Gilded Arrow Ring in gold]

[the beginnings of the master bedroom painting project]

[sweet shower for the bride-to-be]
[summer cookout]
photo (1)

This week, I started the project of painting our master bedroom. We didn’t necessarily need to repaint the perfectly fine khaki-colored walls, but when we removed some less than attractive metal shelves that the previous owners had installed, we found that they had also painted the walls 2 different colors underneath said shelves. Of course they didn’t leave the current paint behind, so repainting the room was the only solution. We chose a light grey to coordinate with the fabulous FREE curtains I scored from my brother and SIL’s new house (they were left by their previous owners).  I’m slowly but surely making my way to the end, one sore hand and arm at a time.

We had lots of fun friend time this weekend, including one of the only pool days we’ve gotten all summer. It was glorious, except for the sunburns. What can I say — we haven’t been out in the sun all summer long. We were also invited to a big group dinner at Local Three in honor of our friend’s birthday, and it was delicious as always. I highly recommend.

Sunday was the busiest — a bridal shower for our friend Courtney, and a cookout with my Springbluff friends and their husbands/boyfriends/kiddies. We get together once a month for dinner with just the girls, so it was fun to finally include everyone else. Cookouts and get-togethers sure have changed over the years, but I have to say they’re much more entertaining with little ones at the dinner table.

Here’s to a great week ahead, and an even better weekend — we’re having a party for my 30th birthday! yay!

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