wild on the rocks — a zoo adventure!

Last week, we checked off another Fall Bucket List item! Lauren, Andrew, Craig, and I bought tickets to Wild on the Rocks at Zoo Atlanta — the Rhinos & Winos edition.

All summer long, on the second Thursday of each month, they’ve had a special evening exhibit viewing, live music, keeper presentations, and cocktails — all with a fun theme. We got to see the giant pandas (the new baby cubs were on the PandaCam), giraffes, rhinos, elephants, meerkats, and a hornbill feeding. The one thing I was disappointed with (and I think most other guests were as well) was that about half of the zoo animals seemed to be “away” for the night…. so many of the exhibits were empty. I wasn’t expecting that, but we still had a fun time. It was nice to do something a little different and experience more of what Atlanta has to offer. Can’t wait to go back for Brew at the Zoo next year!



Can you tell the difference between my iphone camera and my DSLR?
This talking parrot was quite entertaining. 


We received tiny sticks of bird seed to feed the parakeets, but they were very uninterested. 


Horbills like rocks.

Ah! Meerkats! This guy loved having his portrait taken.
The cutest little red panda ever.
And the cutest Craiggers! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

These pandas were very sleepy by the time we made it around to them.
No more photos, people!
This guy was the last animal we saw… some sort of armadillo. Who knew they were so hairy??

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