batman + robin do halloween

Well, folks…. another Halloween has come and gone. But before we get into full Thanksgiving/Christmas mode, here’s a little recap of Batman + Robin’s Halloween adventures.

We had a potluck lunch at work, and of course several of my fellow puppet coworkers donned their best costumes… I am partial to Ursula the Sea Witch (which is funny because I was absolutely terrified of her as a child).

My contribution to the potluck — Ghost Brains! (aka Nutella S’mores Rice Krispie Treats)
Ursula brought a lovely concoction of Zombie Meat Hands. Yum!

Thanks to The Bert Show (a local Atlanta radio show), I got the great idea to hand out glow sticks to trick-or-treaters, and it was a big hit! I couldn’t give up candy completely, so we had both… and ran out of both. First time ever not ending up with a large bowl of extra candy for weeks!


Our next door neighbors LOVE Halloween. They take off work and spend the entire day decorating their lawn and house, and it’s gotten bigger and better each year we’ve lived there. The 100 lb pumpkins were smoking so much when I pulled in from work, I thought someone’s car was on fire.

Batman + Robin
Coco despises anything being placed on her, so she was not up for a costume this year. Instead, she chose to wear a glow stick necklace. 

And this is why I love our neighborhood on Halloween. We just set up camp on our driveway, and we get a parade of little costumed characters early in the evening, and then another round of older kids once it’s dark. This year, some of our favorites were Rick, the Sheriff from The Walking Dead,  a pint-sized minion, a sister and brother dressed as Snow White and Sleepy Dwarf, and a dad dressed up as a life-size parrot.
Batman got the non-chocolate bowl.
The neighbors’ concoction for the adults, complete with gooey eyeballs
Coco got a little rowdy once things got going, so this is how she spent most of her Halloween night. At least she had a good view of the action.

And Halloween 2013 is done! Batman + Robin OUT.

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