A Few of My Favorite Things (48)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Sweater (Target) // coral skinnies from Express // Allegra Necklace // Eden Studs // Christina Link Bracelet // Renegade Bracelet]
[our bear turned 3!]
[window treatment project complete]
[beer tasting at Stout Brothers]
[BBQ served in a skillet. YES.]

[operation house painting begins]
This past week was a fun, busy one. Coco Bear turned 3, which is hard to believe. We FINALLY got around to finishing the window treatment project that I’ve had on the list since this summer. I’m going to do a little DIY post recap later, but I just had to share a photo because I LOVE the way they turned out!! Our weekend started off with a beer tasting at Stout Brothers, which is a cool little beer market located at Smyrna Market Village. The guys there are really helpful and friendly, and they have all sorts of locally-made snacks that are the perfect accompaniment to their brews. We also checked out a nearby BBQ place, called Hottie Hawg’s, for lunch Saturday — it did not disappoint.

And as if this holiday season weren’t shaping up to be busy enough, we’ve decided to take on the big project of having our house painted, as well as getting a lot of trim repaired/replaced. While we’re not crazy enough to attempt this project ourselves, it’s still a large task to undertake. How does one ever narrow down the color choices for an entire house?? We’re in the process of deciding between the top and bottom colors (see photo above) — and I think we’re both leaning toward the darker one as of now. Please feel free to weigh in!

In case I don’t make it back here before the holiday, I hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy, happy Thanksgiving spent eating lots of turkey with the ones you love!

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