winter bucket list

I’ve decided that I really like making bucket lists for each season. Sometimes, the days and weeks go so quickly that each season is gone before we know it, so this encourages us to make the most of them!  The winter tends to be a little quieter around here after the hype of the holidays, so hopefully this list will inspire us to get out and do some fun things between December and February!

1. Try 2 new restaurants each month (Dec  / Jan / Feb) — Dec: 1Kept, Seed, Coast, Pallookaville; Jan: missed the boat on new places; Feb: Mali Thai, Ecco, Slice & Pint, drinks at Ink & Elm)

2. Drive around Atlanta to look at Christmas lights — DONE!

3. Beer tasting at Monday Night Brewing — DONE!

4. Bake Christmas cookies! (didn’t get to this one, but we did make brownies and peppermint ice cream! 

5. Plan our annual girls Christmas dinner + ornament exchange — DONE!

6. Find somewhere to volunteer together

7. Have exterior of house painted, trim fixed, and possibly add street number to front door — DONE!

8. Visit the million+ Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical Garden — didn’t make it here thanks to the rain

9. Learn Lightroom photo editing program — in progress

10. Go to the gun range and practice shooting (my first time!) — DONE!

11. See another improv show at Dad’s Garage Theatre — DONE!

12. Have fondue and movie night — DONE (did this for Valentine’s Day)!

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