A Few of My Favorite Things (51)

[monthly Springbluff dinner, homecooked edition]

[new addition to the nutcracker family]
unnamed (1)
[my prize from our girls ornament exchange]
unnamed (9)

[pit stop in Auburn after our Alabama Christmas]

[one of my favorite Christmas gifts yet]
Last week was a fun, very busy one. I got to spend Monday evening chatting and eating delicious, homemade taco soup with my Springbluff girlfriends from college, and later in the week, I got to do that all over again at 1Kept with another group of girlfriends for our annual ornament exchange. I have to say, when my week consists of nights like those, it makes me realize just how blessed I am to have such wonderful girls in my life.

Over the weekend, we drove down to the teeny tiny towns of Geneva and Samson, AL for Christmas with my dad’s extended side of the family. We’re not able to make it every year, but we are certainly so happy when we are able to be there. All of our aunts/uncles/cousins/their kids stay at a little hotel in Geneva (the larger of the 2 towns), and we pretty much take over the place. The weekend is spent eating, catching up with family, and just enjoying this special time of year with the amazing family that we have. I took way too many photos, as usual, so I’ll have a post up later this week.

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