A Few of My Favorite Things (55)

[Zoës Kitchen’s chicken orzo soup twice in one week]

[Miss Piggy made her debut at work!!!]
[homemade chicken pesto panini and orzo salad]
[ready for spring]

[double date to Wrecking Bar Brewpub & a show at Dad’s Garage]
Three day weekend!! I do love any excuse to get out of town on a long weekend, but sometimes you just can’t beat 3 solid days at home (or at least in town). We’ve been so productive with our little master bath upgrade, we had 2 fun nights out, and we even managed to make it to the gym. On another note, the weather has finally cooperated enough for the painters to come back and work on finishing up the house. Maybe it’ll be done before February…

I feel so rested and refreshed — and happy to only have a 4-day work week ahead! I’m already looking forward to this weekend, which will be filled with friends and celebrating my brother’s bday. Happy Monday!

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