A Few of My Favorite Things (56)

[unexpected January patio happy hour]unnamed (2)

[Stella & Dot look of the week:: Tansy Fringe Bib // Cleopatra Studs]
unnamed (3)
[friday night fun at eleanor’s]
[birthday celebrations for brother]
[pizza and fun time bowling]
[new desk chair!]

It was so nice to have last Monday off… somehow, just one less day at work makes the whole week go so much more quickly. Lucky for us in GA, the weather on MLK Day was absolutely gorgeous, so we took advantage and had ourselves a little happy hour at a neighborhood restaurant with a good open-air patio. It was glorious. And then the weather returned to its freezing cold, extremely windy, wintery ways.

Despite the brrr freezing temps, we had a great weekend with friends and a birthday celebration for my brother. They hosted a pizza party at their house for 20+ friends, and then we all headed to Fun Time Bowl on Buford Hwy. Who knew that LOTS of people our age like to go “cosmic bowling” on a Saturday night?? The wait was over an hour for a lane, so we sadly had to drive home before they got to bowl. I’ll be back soon – it was such a randomly fun place. He turns 28 today, so happy birthday to my most favorite little brother!

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