A Few of My Favorite Things (57)

[celebrating the bday boy @ Bocado with 1/2 price burgers]

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: cream Old Navy sweater // green Old Navy skinnies //  taupe Tom’s Wedges // Sutton Necklace – stone // Florence Stackable Rings // Renegade Cluster Bracelet // Eden Bangle]

[Day 1 of #snowpocalypse2014]

[Coco’s first snow was a huge hit]

[Day 2 of #snowpocalypse2014]
[lunch special @ breadwinner cafe]
[Valentine’s goodies won from Natty Michelle Paperie]
unnamed (1)
[drinks at the St. Regis]
unnamed (2)
[Super Bowl Sunday]
unnamed (3)

Well, I think we all know what most of last week consisted of here in Atlanta. A little bit of snow that turned into a lot of ice, thousands of people stranded on interstates, and mass hysteria around the city. I am beyond thankful that I made it home in just 3.5 hours (when it usually takes just 25 minutes), because despite how that may sound, I was among the lucky that day when the disaster began. It’s amazing to me that our city was so unprepared for this, but I’m equally as amazed at how quickly the snow turned into sheets of ice on every road throughout Atlanta, thus making it absolutely impossible to drive on. Throw thousands upon thousands upon thousands of cars (and terrified/anxious drivers) into the mix, and you have a disaster. Traffic in Atlanta has a bad reputation for a reason, and I don’t think any amount of preparedness would have made this nightmare much better. One thing I think we’re all certain of is that we’re doomed if “The Walking Dead” ever becomes a reality in this city.

Once I made it home safely, I remained there for 2 solid days. I was warm and comfy in my house (albeit a bit lonely after my one house guest was finally able to get home to his family), and I’m so thankful that I wasn’t one of the many who were stranded in their cars overnight on the side of the interstate, alone and scared. Yet despite the mass chaos, there were so many stories of how truly good people are. So many bloggers and reporters have already recounted these stories, but it truly warmed my heart to see so many people opening their homes and businesses to house complete strangers overnight and other people walking miles in the snow and ice to hand out water, food and blankets to those stuck in miles of gridlock traffic for 10+ hours. It’s incredible how quickly people jumped in to rescue others or just lend a helping hand to push someone up a slippery hill. Stories like these were the bright light in an otherwise dark few days around here.

Friday through Sunday were a much-welcomed relief with nice weather and nowhere in particular to be, unless we wanted to. We went out on the town for a bit to celebrate one of our friends who is moving back to Nashville, and on Sunday, we hosted a Super Bowl party for about 20 friends. Despite the pretty boring game, we had a great time with lots of food and baby entertainment.

On another note, here are some extra pretties for your eyes today — some of the most unbelievably gorgeous places in the world. Happy Monday!

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