A Few of My Favorite Things (58)

[house = painted]
[Friday night cocktails + dessert @ Rosebud]
[mom’s weekend visit called for mimosas]
[girls day with our moms]
[The Book of Mormon @ The Fox]
[Sunday afternoon in the park]
Last Mon-Thurs sort of needed a do-over. I got some sort of stomach bug and we had to cancel our plans to go to the gun range, I was home sick for a couple days, and I missed a dear friend’s going away dinner before she moved last weekend. But enough boo-hooing. 🙂 I’m all better now, and we got to spend the weekend with my mom, who came up for a quick little visit from Florida.

My SIL, her mom, my mom, and I had tickets to see “The Book of Mormon” at the Fox Theatre on Saturday. It’s gotten rave reviews from everyone I know who has seen it — and while the subject matter (or at least the way they present it) is somewhat controversial, I think we all went in knowing that the show itself wasn’t something to take too seriously. There were of course some parts that made me cringe a little, but again… it’s just a show. The singing and dancing were really entertaining, we laughed a lot, and we had a great girls afternoon together. While mom was here, we tried 2 restaurants we hadn’t been to (Mali Thai in the Highlands and Ecco in Midtown), my chef brother cooked up a most delicious brunch for us, and we ended mom’s trip with a trip to the Silver Skillet. Nothing beats a good diner breakfast. It was a wonderful end to a not-so-stellar week. Here’s hoping that #snowpocalypse2 doesn’t really materialize this week!

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