A Few of My Favorite Things (59)

[my 1st trip to the gun range]
[#snowpocalypse part 2 breakfast of champions]
[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: red Old Navy skinnies // cream GAP sweater // Mae Necklace // Crazy Hearts Scarf]
unnamed (3)
[Valentine’s s’mores]
unnamed (4)
[Taqueria on a beautiful Saturday afternoon]
unnamed (2)
[“Mad Men”-esque bar at Ink & Elm]
unnamed (5)
[Sunday afternoon @ the Chattahoochee River]
unnamed (6)
Last week consisted of yet another “snowpocalypse” in Atlanta. Despite the grim forecasts, it ended up not being too bad, thanks to early preparation this time around.  We did get another 2 days off work, but I have to say… it’s pretty boring having snow days when your husband works from home and can’t play outside or go do anything fun. I did make myself some delicious chocolate chip pancakes one morning, though, so there’s that… And I got to shoot a handgun for the first time ever! It was a little scary getting used to the loud noise in the range and the kickback of the gun, but I’m really glad we went. I’m now ready to fight off any zombies who come my way.

We didn’t do anything terribly exciting over the weekend, but it was such a great one. This was the first time ever that we’ve not gone out to dinner for Valentine’s. We kept it low-key with fondue,  s’mores, and several episodes of Scandal — and I’m pretty sure it was one of our favorite V-Day dinners yet. The rest of the weekend was spent being sort of lazy and watching tv (which I rarely ever do on weekends), having dinner at Slice & Pint over in Emory Village with some friends (and drinks at Ink & Elm — a must-visit), and checking out one of the trails along the Chattahoochee River for the first time. How have we lived over here for 4 years and never been to these great trails?? They were PACKED to the brim yesterday, but it was a lot of fun. Coco was a trooper and made it 1.25 miles… with her tongue hanging about 2 feet out of her mouth, but she made it nonetheless. We wrapped up the day with a last-minute trip to the Smyrna Beer Market for a tasting. Weekends like this one are some of my favorites — nothing super extraordinary on the agenda, but all things that make me happy.

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