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Ok, I have stumbled upon two of the cutest kids on the internet planet. You may have already seen one or both of them, but they’re just too adorable not to share.  Their parents are the ones orchestrating the photos, so they deserve big applause, too.

I first found out about “Theo & Beau” via Instagram. This little puppy has taken to napping with his blonde-haired “brother” every single afternoon, and their mom has been able to capture the most sweet, hilarious poses of them sleeping. Part of what cracks me up are the outfits Beau (the boy) is wearing — he’s quite a fashionable little napper. And that puppy! These photos are seriously too cute for words, so you just have to see them for yourself. You can read her blog at Mommas Gone City or follow them on IG @mommasgonecity for your daily dose of cute.
(Photos by Jessica Shyba of Mommas Gone City)

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Next up is a 4-year-old who makes the most adorable, and sometimes quite incredible, paper dresses. Her mom calls her “Mayhem” for a little internet protection, and I just found her on Instagram last night. I could have spent hours pouring over their fun creations…. some as simple as a few pieces of construction paper taped together to form a dress shape, and some modeled after red carpet dresses (and dare I say they rival those professional looks). The best part is that this creative 4-year-old actually helps design and build about 50% of the dresses… some of them she’s even done entirely by herself. I think little Miss Mayhem has a future in fashion. Follow them on IG @2sisters_angie  — or check out her website, FashionbyMayhem. Sassiest, most fashionable little girl I’ve ever seen.
(Photos by Angie of Fashion by Mayhem)

o-1643876-570 (1)

If you were having a bad day before you read this, these kids are an instant mood-changer. You’re welcome.

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