A Few of My Favorite Things (62)

[dainty lounging]
[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: citron Old Navy skinnies // black Old Navy sweater // taupe Toms wedges // Linden Necklace // Cleopatra Studs // Camilla Ring (retired)]
[Krispy Kreme opened up less than 2 miles from our house. YES.]

[favorite funny photo of the week. priceless.]

[spring – pretty in pink]

[fun finds @ The Merchant at Howell Mill]

[Midtown ATL view from 5 Seasons Brewing]
Can every weekend go by as slowly, yet still be as productive and fun as this one was? Mon-Fri didn’t bring much excitement other than dinner with my Springbluff girlfriends from college, which I really look forward to every month. This time, we did hibachi, which involved a lot of fried rice, as it should.

We started training with Coco this weekend (at 8AM on a Saturday, no less), and I’m looking forward to learning how to better command our very giant puppy. She is such a great dog, but she’s also very stubborn and a little too smart for her own good. She needs to learn that we’re the boss (despite what she may think), and especially because she’s so big and strong, we need to learn how to better command her in situations where she’s anxious or aggressive with other dogs. She never used to be as crazy around dogs she didn’t know until she was attacked by one (a Golden, of all things) in our neighborhood last fall.  We’ve only had the first lesson, but so far, it’s going pretty well. The company we’re working with is called Sit Means Sit, and they’re located out in Douglasville, GA if you’re in need of similar training. I believe they have locations around the country, too. 

With such great spring weather going on all weekend, we made time for some in-house brews on the rooftop at 5 Seasons, overlooking the Midtown skyline. We also tried out a new restaurant, Hammock’s Trading Company out in Sandy Springs, which we saw on an episode of Atlanta Eats. If you’re in Atlanta and looking for new restaurants to check out, this is a cool show that airs weekly and highlights different restaurants around the city (and some that are OTP). 

And we have started our next house project — building a “live edge” table for our deck. I found the inspiration for the table on a blog I follow called The Hunted Interior, and I’m so happy with how it’s turning out! Next steps are staining and coating with varnish. I’ll have a tutorial coming when it’s finished, so stay tuned!

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