restaurant review:: watershed

My dad was in town for the night last week, and it just happened to be on Fried Chicken Night at Watershed on Peachtree… so naturally, we had to go. I’ve had Watershed on my list of restaurants to try for years, so I’m not sure why it took so long. And frankly, after having that fried chicken, I’m sort of sad that I’ve been missing out for this long.

We started off somewhat healthy with the Veggie Plate, which was huge and quite filling. This time around, it consisted of pimiento cheese-topped cornbread (to die for), fancy fried okra w/buttermilk dipping sauce,  carrots glazed with sesame seeds and soy sauce, green beans almondine, tomatoes and cabbage, and a small salad. I think the guys would have preferred the good ol’ Southern style fried okra, but everything was interesting and I’m glad we tried something a little different than the typical fried appetizer.  They also ordered the Spicy Shrimp and said they were delicious — and very spicy! 
unnamed (3)

Fried Chicken Night with biscuits! This chicken was incredibly moist, and I loved that they gave us an entire honey bear on the table… I think I used about 1/3 of it.
unnamed (1)

Some of the most amazing mac n cheese ever. SO creamy, almost like the consistency of a quiche. Everyone at the table raved over it. 
unnamed (2)

Fried catfish with green coconut rice and veggies. Craig said it was really good, but I’m pretty sure he had slight order envy over our fried chicken. 
unnamed (5)

Very Good Chocolate Cake (in a jar). And it was very good — incredibly rich, dense, and chocolatey, and the whipped cream on top was a nice, cool addition to the dish. Not pictured is the Hot Milk Cake with caramel icing and sea salt, which was the highlight of the dessert course. I think everyone really considered ordering a 2nd helping of that one.

unnamed (4)

Cookie Bag (we chose chocolate chip). Perfect for taking home to enjoy later!
unnamed (6)
I highly recommend checking out Watershed if you are in Atlanta! Every dish was excellent, and the service (our server’s name was Heather) was great. Can’t wait to go back!

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