kangaroos and gibbons and giraffes, oh my!

I love a good zoo, so while on our trip to Nashville a couple weekends ago, this was our first stop. It was the most perfect weather for an outdoor activity, and we spent a few hours walking miles around the entire zoo.  First, we were greeted by these giant, cobalt blue parrots. So pretty!

unnamed (1)

Meerkats! I love these little guys, but I hear they can be pretty mean.
unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)
unnamed (4)
By far the coolest exhibit at the zoo — Kangaroo Kickabout! I couldn’t believe that they let people INTO the exhibit to walk around and pet the kangaroos. I would have stayed here for a long time if there hadn’t been so many little ones wanting their turns petting them… 😉
unnamed (5)
unnamed (7)
unnamed (8)
unnamed (9)
unnamed (10)
unnamed (6)
Lorikeet Landing was my other favorite attraction at the zoo. We paid $2 for a small cup of nectar to feed the birds, and they LOVED it! We had tons of birds all over us within a matter of seconds after we got the nectar, and it was so funny. If you’re not terrified of small birds zooming around you and landing on your head/shoulder/arm at any given moment, then it’s worth checking out.
unnamed (11)
unnamed (15)
unnamed (12)
One neat “extra” that this zoo features is the Grassmere Historic Home and Farm. The historic home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is supposedly the second oldest home still standing in Davidson County.  We didn’t have time for a tour of the inside of the home, but we peeked in the windows and wandered through the farm and gardens, as well as a small cemetery behind the house. They have working stables that house horses, but they must have been on their lunch break when we visited.
unnamed (14)
unnamed (16)
We loved our morning trip to the Nashville Zoo. If you’re in the area or plan to visit Music City, add this to your list.

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