restaurant review:: Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

unnamed (6)
Last weekend, Craig and I were in search of a good lunch spot to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. We didn’t want any of the same old places we usually frequent, but we did want something cheap-ish, somewhere interesting or new, and somewhere to sit outside. As we were driving somewhat aimlessly toward the Westside, Craig suggested Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, which we’d driven by recently. I have heard great things about the East Atlanta location, and I believe this 2nd installment is fairly new. I love that they have a decent amount of parking (especially for a pretty small restaurant), and that they used an empty shipping container for outdoor seating on top of the restaurant.  It was the perfect day for dining outside, and the food was yummy and different…. all focused on chicken sausage, of course.

unnamed (7)
unnamed (8)
So many chicken choices…. even a couple that include grilled Krispy Kreme donuts!
unnamed (9)
I chose the Southern Sanchez Sliders (chorizo chicken sausage, pimiento cheese, sweet pickles) on really soft rolls with a side of Wedgies (and cheese sauce). YUM! I ate all of my sliders, but I couldn’t finish off the tasty fries. 
unnamed (10)
Craig went with a “Slinger” — the Gunn Slinger, to be exact. (Chorizo chicken sausage, guacamole, salsa, fresh jalapenos, and “comeback” sauce.) His only complaint (if you can call it that) was that he would have preferred pickled jalapenos.
unnamed (11)
Because the menu is so focused, I doubt we’ll be back often — but when we do visit again, we know it’ll be good.

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