bump watch:: 12 weeks


# weeks: 12
Baby is the size of a plum! There’s not much of a bump yet, but we have to start somewhere, right?

Photo location*: Nashville
Music City is near and dear to our hearts, so while visiting his family last weekend, we thought this would be the perfect place to start off the bump watch! (This photo was technically taken at 12.5 weeks and is being posted a week late due to waiting to announce baby Hayes’ impending arrival… but who’s counting?)

Best moment this week: Seeing Craig’s family and some favorite Nashville friends! We got to meet a new chunky monkey baby, had a delicious brunch at Urban Grub with my college bff, and Coco got to play with her aunt/uncle/grandparents. We also visited Craig’s close family friends to tell them the news, and they totally called it — they even surprised us with a huge celebratory cupcake!

Miss anything: Oh, just wine, soft cheeses, cold deli meat… basically all the things. But it’s worth it.

Cravings: All things sweet – and then salty! I’ve been on a major dessert kick since January. Trying to curb that with healthier snacks, but it’s hard sometimes! I love chocolate and donuts and cupcakes. Don’t hate.

Feeling good/bad: More than anything, I’ve just been TIRED. I never understood what pregnant friends meant by the first trimester exhaustion until now. I never take naps, and I wish I could every day at 2pm… and again when I get off work! I’m so thankful that I have yet to succumb to any serious morning sickness — just some general nausea if I haven’t eaten every couple hours, which is pretty easy to fix.

Baby purchases/gifts: My mom sent up a big box of baby blankets that were handmade by her and other family members when I was born, as well as an assortment of other childhood items, so that has been fun to sort through. She also got baby H the cutest stuffed giraffe, which I’m sure will have a special spot in the nursery. While in Nashville, we were gifted the most adorable ducky PJs and bath towel by Craig’s family, and my college bff Charlotte got us the cutest Nashville, TN onesie. Baby clothes are the best!

Looking forward to: Starting the nursery! While we still have plenty of time, anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner to the max… so I’ve obviously already started thinking about it. First up will be buying the crib, which will determine the colors/layout of the rest of the room. Can’t wait!

unnamed (3)

*I’m planning to take bi-weekly bump photos at some of our favorite places around Atlanta (and ATL landmarks/icons) just to make them a little more fun! And because we’ll be traveling so much over the next several months, we’ll also include some area attractions or favorite local spots while on vacation. Stay tuned for week 14, coming up soon!

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