bump watch:: 18 weeks


# weeks: 18 — baby is the size of a sweet potato!
Approx 5.5 inches long and 5+ oz.

Photo location: Atlanta Made mural in West Midtown
Fitting, right?

Best moment this week: Getting the nursery painted, carpets professionally cleaned, and the crib put together! Coco supervised the entire process, but I’m not so sure what she thinks about that crib in “her” room.

unnamed (1)

Miss anything: I’ve found that other than wine or a craft beer every once in a while, most of the things I can’t eat aren’t really that big of a deal (right now, anyway).

Cravings: I may have had one too many Peeps cupcakes and Reese’s eggs this week, but other than that… no real cravings.

unnamed (9)

Feeling good/bad: Other than allergies from everything blooming around here, I’m feeling great! But it’s spring, it’s warm out, and I’m happy.

Baby purchases/gifts: My sweet coworker Bill gave us a huge, helpful book about children from birth to 5 years — it’s like a super encyclopedia, which I’m sure will come in very handy over the next few years. And our friend Courtney just had a baby, so she lent me a bag of maternity clothes to wear over the next 5 months, which I’m so grateful for! Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on clothes they will only be wearing for a short amount of time, so this is much-appreciated.

Looking forward to: Our 19 week ultrasound next week, because we’ll finally find out if baby Hayes is a boy or girl!! On one hand, it seems like we’ve been waiting forever, and on the other hand, the past few months since we found out have flown by. I’m also really excited to be heading to Asheville, NC for the first time next weekend. We’ll be celebrating one of my oldest college friends, Anna, at her wedding! I’m so looking forward to a quick getaway to a new place — one that we’ve been wanting to visit for years!

And just for fun, here are some gender predictions according to Old Wives Tales. The majority point toward a boy, so we’ll see!

1. Heartburn – Yes – Boy

2. Cravings – Sweet – Girl

3. Heartrate – Above 140 bmp – Girl

4. Chinese Calendar – based on mother’s age at conception and month of conception – Girl

5. Mayan Calendar – based on mother’s age at conception and year of conception – Boy

6. Acne – No – Boy

7. Moody – No –Boy

8. Clumsy – Yes (but not sure if it’s more than usual?) – Boy

9. Side I sleep on – Left – Boy

10. Morning Sickness – No – Boy

11. Headaches – Yes – Boy

12. String/Ring Trick – Circular motion – Girl

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