bump watch:: 25 weeks


# weeks: 25 — baby is the size of a rutabaga! 
Measuring approx 9″ long and weighing 1.7 lbs.

Best moment this week: Having a long weekend in town, time with friends, and getting to snuggle with my friend’s brand new baby!

Miss anything: An icy Blue Moon poolside would have been nice over the holiday weekend, but otherwise, not missing much!

Cravings: Oh, just getting my fill of sweets and watermelon this week.

Feeling good/bad: Feeling great, other than being extra sore after an outdoor family session last weekend… it’s getting harder and harder to bounce around and crouch down on the ground like I usually do at my sessions!

Baby purchases/gifts: My coworker Bill gave us the cutest Viking knit hat, which I’m sure will be adorable when she’s big enough to wear it. And thanks to Memorial Day sales, we ordered both the dresser and the glider for the nursery, which finishes off the major purchases for the room. I’m glad we got the glider when we did, as upholstering it is supposed to take up to 12 weeks — yikes! (After much deliberation, we went with this one.)

unnamed (1)

Looking forward to: One more somewhat lowkey weekend in town before mine and Craig’s travel schedules go nuts in June.

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