a couples shower for baby H!

A handful of our friends offered to throw us a couples shower in Nashville last weekend, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect evening shared with Craig’s family, many of his high school friends (who have become my friends as well over the years), and some of our favorite Atlanta friends who made the trip up. We had delicious Martin’s BBQ at our “Baby-Q”, as well as some of my current favorite desserts — cookie cake and Krispy Kreme donuts… yum!

We feel so loved, and we are now on our way to being more prepared for her arrival, thanks to the many thoughtful, helpful, and fun gifts we received! We’re so grateful to have such wonderful friends to throw this shower in our honor, as well as everyone who came to celebrate baby H with us that night.

Our fabulous hostesses (and host) — some of the best friends we could ask for::

How cute are these koozies?! 
Our shower ended up being a “4th of July lake trip” reunion of sorts, so we had to get the traditional group photo with so many of those we’ve spent the holiday with over the past decade or so.
Cheers to baby Hayes!

A Few of My Favorite Things (123)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Engravable Bar Necklace w/name // Renegade Cluster Bracelet // Gilded Arrow Bangle // Ann Taylor Loft maternity jeans // Chuck Taylors]
unnamed (2)
[tasty new burger joint in the Highlands]
unnamed (3)
[the cutest baby tshirt!!]
[the messiest dessert on the planet]
unnamed (4)
[the best couples shower]
unnamed (5)
What a great week we had! Another healthy doctor’s appointment, some dinners out with my dad, and our last trip to Nashville before the baby arrives in a couple months. Some of our best friends threw us a couples Baby-Q shower, and we had the best time — more photos to come this week!

bump watch:: 29 weeks


# weeks: 29 — baby is the size of a butternut squash!

Measuring approx 17″ long and weighing 2.9 lbs.

Best moment this week: My parents closed on their home in Marietta, which was pretty exciting! They’ll be living about 20 minutes from us, which I know will be incredibly helpful and fun to have them nearby as baby H grows up. 🙂 Yay for grandparents!

Miss anything: Some red wine at dinner with my family last weekend would have been nice, but I’ll live!

Cravings: No real cravings to speak of.

Feeling good/bad: Other than a minor foot injury while shopping on Saturday (it’s a dangerous sport!), I’m feeling great and trying to make the most of this energy before I start to lose it in the coming weeks!

Baby purchases/gifts: My mom finished the cross-stitch she made for the nursery, and it’s so cute! We took it to be matted and framed, and I can’t wait to see the finished product and add it to one of the gold bookcases next to the crib. I’ve also been organizing the dresser and closet in the nursery, which has been really helpful in determining what gaps we need to fill in clothing-wise. I got these drawer boxes to help organize her tiny clothes by size in the dresser drawers, and I’m really happy with them. Baby girl already has a pretty fabulous wardrobe to get started with!

unnamed (6)

Looking forward to: Heading back to Nashville this weekend for the couples shower that our sweet friends are hosting for us! I’m excited that Craig gets to be included in something, as it’s just as much of a special time for him as it is for me. We’re looking forward to spending time with Craig’s family and lots of his high school friends, as well as some of my favorite girls.

A Few of My Favorite Things (122)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Birdie Necklace (without petal strand and flipped backwards) // Bardot Spiral Bracelet // Ann Taylor Loft belt // Target shift dress]
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[a weekend of desserts]
unnamed (3)
[Coco’s favorite thing to do with Grandma Ann]
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[Stella & Dot out #2:: Crescent Necklace // Renegade Cluster Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Old Navy maternity maxi // JCrew cardigan]
unnamed (5)
[Father’s Day dinner at Ocean Prime]
[celebrating dad/grandpa-to-be]
unnamed (2)
We had my parents in town for a long weekend to celebrate Father’s Day as well as something else big — their closing on a home in Marietta! The guys started renovations this morning, so they will be moving up to GA later this summer and will be living just about 20 minutes from us — just in time for baby H’s arrival!

We spent the weekend eating around Atlanta (as usual when they’re in town) and had the most delicious dinner at Ocean Prime in Buckhead. I’ve never noticed it when driving down Piedmont, and now I’m sad we’ve been missing out all these years. Everything we had, from the hot bread and appetizers, to entrees and desserts, was fantastic. The service was excellent, too. My mom said her Teriyaki Salmon dish was the best salmon she’d ever had, and we couldn’t get over the desserts — especially the Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake, which was a surprise favorite.

Mom and I made some headway on the nursery gallery wall, and I can’t wait for the adorable cross-stitch she made for the nursery to come back from being matted and framed. We capped off Father’s Day with an incredible dinner cooked by my brother, which included steaks, loaded baked potatoes, creamed corn, sauteed spinach, garlic bread, salad, homemade ice cream, AND a skillet cookie baked on the grill! If only we could have him cook for us every night. It was the perfect ending to a fun weekend with family.

bump watch:: 28 weeks

unnamed (17)

# weeks: 28 — baby is the size of a head of cauliflower!
Measuring approx 16″ long and weighing 2.5 lbs.

Photo location: The Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin, TN.
I adore this historic part of the city and love wandering their streets whenever we’re in town visiting Craig’s family.

Best moment this week: Getting a healthy report at my doctor’s appointment and hearing that I passed the glucose test! Long live sweets! 🙂

Miss anything: Same as last week — not getting to wear the majority of what’s in my closet, but at least it’s forcing me to be creative with what I can wear for now. Also rolling over in bed easily — that’s getting harder by the week!

Cravings: Not really craving anything this week, as I’m sure we’ll get our fill of delicious meals and desserts while my parents are in town.

Feeling good/bad: Feeling great, as long as I’m not outside in the heat for too long (but I’d venture to say that’s the same for everyone in the South, right?).

Baby purchases/gifts: Craig’s brother and his girlfriend gifted us with bags of the cutest, sweetest little outfits, ranging from newborn to 18 months, which is so great! I’m especially in love with the leggings with the heart on the bottom. Can’t wait to see her crawling around in those!


Looking forward to: My parents will be here for several days this week to close on their new house and celebrate Father’s Day, which is sure to be a fun weekend of eating out, seeing their new digs, and celebrating our dad/grandpa-to-be!

A Few of My Favorite Things (121)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Rebel Pendant // Engravable Disc with monogram // Renegade Cluster Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Chuck Taylors]
[weekend road trip to Nashville for our friend’s wedding]


[the yummiest way to start brunch]
[hilltop wedding with the most beautiful views]

[wedding dates for life]
We love going back to Craig’s hometown to visit, and last weekend was no exception. We celebrated one of Craig’s high school friends at her hilltop wedding out in the countryside of Franklin, TN (just outside Nashville, for those who aren’t familiar). It’s sometimes hard to believe that much natural, open land still remains untouched — and it makes for a gorgeous wedding backdrop. We also had a fun brunch in downtown Franklin with some friends, and I could have eaten a dozen of those powdered sugar beignet donuts. And now back to the work week before my parents get in town in a few days!

bump watch:: 27 weeks


# weeks: 27 — baby is the size of a cucumber!
Measuring approx 15″ long and weighing 2.2 lbs.

Best moment this week: Getting Craig back home after a long weekend away. Coco and I missed him a bunch — BUT it was a nice excuse to spend time with some girlfriends and enjoy a little “me” time, too!

Miss anything: Missing the majority of my summer wardrobe right about now… and I have a feeling that I’ll be adding “putting on my own shoes” to the list soon. 😉

Cravings: Same ol’, same ol’…. dessert for life.

Feeling good/bad: Those outdoor photo sessions in 85-90 degree heat are getting harder, but other than that, I can’t complain!

Baby purchases/gifts: The infant car seat we registered for arrived on our doorstep a few days ago, as a gift from some longtime family friends — what a nice surprise! And my college friend gave me the BIGGEST box of baby clothes that her 3 girls have outgrown… it was so fun going through everything! It is incredibly heartwarming and humbling to receive gifts from friends and family near and far — baby Hayes is already very loved! Her nursery curtains also arrived, so I got those ironed and hung to add a little dash of whimsy to the windows.

unnamed (2)

Looking forward to: Heading to Nashville this weekend for one of Craig’s high school friend’s weddings and spending some time in historic downtown Franklin while we’re there! Also, I get to do the dreaded glucose test tomorrow at my doctor’s appt, but I hear it’s really not all that bad. Fingers crossed that I pass the test so I don’t have to give up my beloved sweets for the next few months!

A Few of My Favorite Things (120)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Eye Candy Necklace in pink (being retired – get it while you can!) // Renegade Cluster Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Wanderer Cuff // Target dress from 5+ yrs ago]

[National Donut Day:: like I needed an excuse]
unnamed (1)
[lugnuts, cocktails and mocktails at Leon’s]
[summer family session with the cutest girls!]
unnamed (1)
[homegrown hydrangeas]
unnamed (3)
[cheers to 6 years!]
unnamed (2)

This past Saturday marked mine and Craig’s 6th wedding anniversary! I say this every year, but where has the time gone? Sometimes it feels like just yesterday we were down in St. Augustine saying our vows, and other times, it seems like a lifetime ago — and now we have a baby on the way and life is grand. We have so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to. Hope you all have a nice week!

bump watch:: 26 weeks


# weeks: 26 — baby is the size of an eggplant!
Measuring approx 9.2″ long and weighing 2lbs!

Photo location: Jeni’s Ice Cream on the Westside of Atlanta
Only fitting for the sweet tooth I’ve had the past 6 months (or maybe forever?). We have loved their ice cream since they opened up shop in Atlanta. After a recent Listeria scare that resulted in them closing all their scoop shops nationwide while they addressed the problem, we’re happy to hear that all has been fixed, they’re doing everything they can to provide the safest, yummiest products, and they’re back in business! Ice cream for all!

Best moment this week: Spending the weekend in town with Craig and some friends before a very busy June gets going later this week.


Miss anything: Not really! Just making the best of it without the few things I can’t have.

Cravings: Well, as I write this, I’m really wanting a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone…

Feeling good/bad: I have to walk a little more slowly up the stairs and walking a lot makes me more tired than usual, but otherwise, I’m feeling great.

Baby purchases/gifts: The dresser was delivered this week — yippee! The nursery is really coming together. And my mom generously sent us the stroller we’d registered for, so we’re excited to have that big item marked off the list!


Looking forward to: Craig will be out of town this weekend on a bachelor party, but Saturday, 6/6 marks our 6 year wedding anniversary! (Don’t worry, we celebrated early on our Puerto Rican babymoon.) It’s hard to believe we said our vows that long ago down in St. Augustine, but what an incredible 6 years it’s been! I’m also looking forward to spending some time with a few different girlfriends this weekend!

summer 2015 bucket list


Memorial Day has come and gone, and June (summer) is officially here! This is mine and Craig’s last summer before we become parents,  and while I can’t do some things I’d normally love to partake in, I still love the idea of having some mini summer adventures and fun things to do together before baby girl makes her debut in early September. We’ll see if we’re able to cross everything off the list by the end of August!

1. Make homemade fruit popsicles! I bought this set of cute pink molds at IKEA recently and can’t wait to try them out.

2. Travel to Nashville (twice in June to celebrate a friend getting married and then be celebrated by friends and family at our couples baby shower) and then to Charleston for our good friends’ wedding in July.

3. Have an evening picnic at the Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays!

4. Have a date at the movies. This doesn’t sound incredibly exciting, but so many friends who have babies have told us to do this before she arrives… sounds like that’s not a top priority anymore once kids are in the picture?

5. Make bruschetta from our backyard tomato and basil plants.

6. See the Center for Puppetry Arts’ latest show, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. This is more of a shameless plug for work and something Craig won’t make it to, but I’m really excited to see this brand new production. Once baby girl is old enough, she’s going to become a regular at the Center!

7. Hit up Zesto for a corn dog and chocolate-dipped cone! (Gotta use that pregnancy craving excuse while I still can!)

8. Spend some lazy summer days at the pool and hanging out with friends. I hope to take some serious advantage of the fact that after mid-July, I’m not allowed to travel outside of Atlanta for the remainder of my pregnancy.

9. Try a handful of new restaurants in different parts of town. Some places that come to mind are Oddbird on the Westside (formerly known as dinner at West Egg), Thirteen Pies in Buckhead, Superica at Krog Market, Ladybird in the Old Fourth Ward, and Mountain Biscuits in Marietta.

10. Finish up the nursery — hopefully that glider will make it here in time! I can’t wait to share a full tour of the nursery and all the special details once it’s complete!