bump watch:: 27 weeks


# weeks: 27 — baby is the size of a cucumber!
Measuring approx 15″ long and weighing 2.2 lbs.

Best moment this week: Getting Craig back home after a long weekend away. Coco and I missed him a bunch — BUT it was a nice excuse to spend time with some girlfriends and enjoy a little “me” time, too!

Miss anything: Missing the majority of my summer wardrobe right about now… and I have a feeling that I’ll be adding “putting on my own shoes” to the list soon. 😉

Cravings: Same ol’, same ol’…. dessert for life.

Feeling good/bad: Those outdoor photo sessions in 85-90 degree heat are getting harder, but other than that, I can’t complain!

Baby purchases/gifts: The infant car seat we registered for arrived on our doorstep a few days ago, as a gift from some longtime family friends — what a nice surprise! And my college friend gave me the BIGGEST box of baby clothes that her 3 girls have outgrown… it was so fun going through everything! It is incredibly heartwarming and humbling to receive gifts from friends and family near and far — baby Hayes is already very loved! Her nursery curtains also arrived, so I got those ironed and hung to add a little dash of whimsy to the windows.

unnamed (2)

Looking forward to: Heading to Nashville this weekend for one of Craig’s high school friend’s weddings and spending some time in historic downtown Franklin while we’re there! Also, I get to do the dreaded glucose test tomorrow at my doctor’s appt, but I hear it’s really not all that bad. Fingers crossed that I pass the test so I don’t have to give up my beloved sweets for the next few months!

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