bump watch:: 34 weeks


# weeks: 34 — baby is the size of a pineapple!
Measuring approx 19-22″ long and weighing as much as 4.9 lbs.

Best moment this week: My mom is in town to see the progress of their home renovation and for my baby shower this weekend, so we have some fun things planned while she’s here!

Miss anything: Undisturbed sleep, but I know that’s never going to be the same from here on out… ūüôā

Cravings: Not really!

Feeling good/bad: Still thankfully feeling pretty good and I have a decent amount of energy. Baby girl is moving around a ton lately, which is always reassuring and so neat to feel (and watch my belly moving around!), but it’s also starting to get a little more uncomfortable as she’s growing!

Baby purchases/gifts: We received a fun gift from my friend’s mom, which was filled with really helpful items, as well as some adorable Aden + Anais burpy bibs. I can’t get enough of their super soft products!

Looking forward to: My garden party baby shower this coming weekend!! I’m so excited to celebrate baby girl with all of my favorite girlfriends and mine and Craig’s moms and sisters. This shower seemed like it was so far away when my sweet sister-in-law Lauren started planning it…. it’s hard to believe it’s already here, because that means we’re getting really close to baby time! 


A Few of My Favorite Things (126)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Zuni Necklace // Artisan Stretch Bracelets // Artisan Disc Cuff // Old Navy maxi dress // JCrew cardigan]
[the sweetest brother/sister duo at last weekend’s session]
unnamed (3)
[grilled peach everything!]
unnamed (2)
[newborn loveliness]
unnamed (4)
[BBQ bday celebration w/friends]
unnamed (5)
[Stella & Dot’s fall collection is here!]
unnamed (6)
With my due date quickly closing in, I’m¬†trying to check off as many things as possible in the coming weeks. I had 2 newborn photo sessions on Saturday and on Sunday, I hosted¬†my last¬†trunk show (before baby comes) to debut Stella & Dot’s newest collection, which kept me quite busy! We also celebrated our friend Casey’s birthday with BBQ in Buckhead on Saturday night, which was a fun break in my working weekend. Also, I highly recommend grilling peaches for dessert! We received a fresh bunch of them from my dad and decided to make a healthy-ish dessert by grilling them, then topping with cinnamon sugar and honey and pairing with vanilla ice cream. It was kinda one of my favorite desserts ever!

bump watch:: 33 weeks

 unnamed (1) 

# weeks: 33¬†— baby is the size of a honeydew melon!
Measuring approx 19″ long and weighing as much as 4.5 lbs.

Best moment this week: A few¬†things!¬†We had our maternity photo session on Sunday, and it was so fun to be on the other side of the camera for once! We worked with the lovely Hayley Jo Photography¬†and had the best time.¬†I’m really excited to see the finished product!¬†
I got to¬†have¬†dinner with my Springbluff girls from college on Monday night, and¬†Tuesday was a busy day filled with a doctor’s appointment for my 33 week checkup (all is well!) and a breastfeeding class that we attended at the hospital, which we both found really informative. Things are quickly falling into place and being checked off my to-do list before baby girl arrives!

Miss anything: Not feeling sleepy throughout the day from several somewhat restless nights in a row. Could be worse, though. ūüôā

Cravings: Not this week!

Feeling good/bad: Feeling pretty good! I’m a¬†bit more tired in the afternoons, which I’m afraid isn’t going to get better¬†any time soon. Also, she started wiggling around during dinner last Friday and didn’t stop moving for a solid 2.5 hours. Hope this isn’t an indication that she’s going to be a wild woman!

Baby purchases/gifts: Once we decided on baby girl’s name, I just couldn’t resist buying some embroidered things from our neighbor who does monogramming. I of course¬†had to have a onesie with her name on it to use as a prop during our maternity¬†session, and I can’t wait to share some photos soon!

Looking forward to:¬†A busy weekend in town! I have two newborn sessions this Saturday, and I’m hosting my¬†Stella & Dot fall collection debut trunk show at home on Sunday — also known as my last trunk show before I pop! Gotta get it all in before I’m too big to move around. ūüôā

A Few of My Favorite Things (125)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Zuni Layering Necklace // Renegade Cluster Bracelet // Gilded Arrow Bracelet and Ring // Old Navy maternity maxi dress // Ann Taylor Loft braided belt]
[Saturday afternoon at Park Tavern]
[loving my first gel manicure]
[only the best Hal’s leftovers for Coco]

 [maternity portraits call for a visit to drybar]
Last week was the first time I’ve worked a full week¬†in at least a month, thanks to our many out of town trips and other things going on… so it was nice to have a relaxing weekend at home with not much on the agenda! We had a delicious dinner on Friday night with my dad and brother at Hal’s on Old Ivy,¬†our favorite steakhouse. Saturday was low key — we celebrated a friend’s birthday with lunch outside at Park Tavern, I treated myself to a mani/pedi in preparation for our maternity portraits, and after a few hours of couch time, we ran out for pizza and ice cream for dinner (yum!). We had our maternity portrait session on Sunday evening, and it was fun to get pampered and dolled up¬†for a change, rather than being behind the camera! I can’t wait to see how they turned out.

bump watch:: 32 weeks


# weeks: 32 — baby is the size of a head of lettuce! 
Measuring approx 19″ long and weighing about 3.9 lbs. (That’s the longest head of lettuce I’ve ever heard of…)

Photo location: Carolina Yacht Club in Charleston, SC
We traveled there last weekend to celebrate our friends at their fabulous wedding, and it was such a great weekend. This was the “last hoorah” out of town before baby comes, so we’ll be staying put in the Atlanta area from here on out!

Best moment this week: We finally agreed on a name for baby Hayes!! It was a compromise that we’re both very happy with, and I love the name the more we talk about it. We’re in the midst of sharing with family and friends, so I’ll be sure to post here soon!
Also, we toured the maternity ward of the hospital — things are starting to get real! 

Miss anything: An ice cold beer on the beach when it felt like 1,000 degrees outside would have been nice! Instead, I tried to stay as hydrated as possible and had my fill of water. ūüėČ

Cravings: My mom sent up chocolate marshmallow brownies with my dad this week, so my dessert craving is currently being satisfied. 

Feeling good/bad: The heat and humidity in Charleston was a bit overwhelming (but worth it for the fun trip), and my feet finally started to swell a bit… thankfully, after a day back at home, they look normal again. I’m also starting to feel more and more achy when I wake up in the morning, mostly thanks to having to sleep on my side. I’m adding more pillows to the mix in hopes of a little relief.

Baby purchases/gifts: Our friends in Augusta gifted us with the most adorable smocked outfit over the weekend, and I’m so excited to see her in it next summer. Is there much cuter on a baby than polka dots, smocking, and a ruffled bottom?


Looking forward to: Our maternity photo session this coming weekend! Craig keeps asking if he has to be in these photos since he’s not the pregnant one… so maybe it’s just me who is really looking forward to this. ūüôā It’s going to be fun being on the other side of the camera for once!

travel:: a charleston affair

Last weekend, we traveled to Charleston, SC to celebrate our friends Casey and Connor at their wedding, and what a fun weekend it was! We and about 25 of our friends stayed on Folly Beach and made a long weekend vacation out of it. I don’t know if it could have possibly been any hotter and more humid, but at least we had a beach to spend our days at. ūüôā

While we were out on Folly or at wedding festivities most of the time,¬†I just love visiting the Charleston area — it’s such a beautiful, fun city with so much to do. We had the best time celebrating our friends, and it also served as our “last hoorah” before baby Hayes makes her debut in less than 2 months. I may be tired with slightly swollen feet, but it was one¬†for the books! Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Warfield!

[lunch on Folly Beach]
[welcome party in Mt. Pleasant – such a fitting name for the setting]
[kicking off the wedding weekend with the bride]
[beach day with the groom]
[rehearsal dinner at the Country Club of Charleston – such a beautiful view!]
[out and about in Charleston]
IMG_9542[wedding reception at the Carolina Yacht Club]
[Mr. and Mrs. Warfield]
[our last wedding and big outing before baby H arrives!]

bump watch:: 31 weeks


# weeks: 31 — baby is the size of a coconut!
Measuring approx 18″ long and weighing 3.2 lbs.

Best moment this week: Staying in town and having a low-key 4th of July — our first one ever without lots of plans or traveling! We had a fun date night, which I plan on repeating as many times as possible over the next 2 months, because I know those will be few and far between for a while once baby H arrives! Also, baby’s heartbeat was thankfully nice and strong at my appointment yesterday!

Miss anything: Being able to sleep on my back, a nice cold beer over the weekend, and most of my clothes fitting.

Cravings: Nothing really comes to mind, but I did really enjoy the burgers and dogs Craig grilled for the 4th!

Feeling good/bad: Still feeling good, but seriously — the stair climbing is beginning to become a real chore! But if that’s all I have to complain about, I’m ok with that.

Baby purchases/gifts: I picked up the framed and matted cross-stitch my mom made for the nursery, and it’s so pretty! I’ve been doing some more organizing in the nursery, and now we’re just waiting on a couple more things to arrive before it’s all finished!

unnamed (2)

Looking forward to: Heading to Charleston this weekend for our last wedding of the season! The timing worked out perfectly, as I’m not supposed to travel very far outside of Atlanta about 6 weeks before baby is born. I’m excited for a long weekend filled with beach days, wedding parties, and lots of friend time! Also — we tour the maternity ward of Piedmont Hospital next week…. things are starting to get real!

A Few of My Favorite Things (124)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Zuni Layering Necklace // Renegade Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Old Navy maternity tank // Target maxi skirt]
[PBJ fried chx sammie at Oddbird]
unnamed (1)
[a flag and fried chicken-filled 4th of July]
unnamed (3)
[American poke cake!]
unnamed (4)
[neighborhood fireworks]
unnamed (5)
I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July! We made the most of our weekend in town with a date night Friday that involved fried chicken sammies and dinosaurs (Jurassic World), and then had another round of the best fried chicken Saturday morning at a little restaurant called The Marietta Local. It’s located right on the Square and¬†just for the holiday weekend,¬†they had a musician playing tunes for the breakfast diners AND the biggest American flag hung over¬†the entire back wall of the restaurant. I’d have loved to have spent more time wandering around the Square enjoying¬†all of the holiday festivities, but the rain put a bit of a damper on that.

We had a few friends and their kids over Saturday night for a cookout and did fireworks with a bunch of our neighbors. Craig picked up a huge box of fireworks on our way home from Nashville last weekend, and they were a huge hit — a much bigger show than we expected! Coco was not a fan — she hid in the closet, but she doesn’t seem to be traumatized today. ūüėČ

bump watch:: 30 weeks


# weeks: 30¬†— baby is the size of a large cabbage!
Measuring approx 17″ long and weighing about 3.1 lbs.

Photo location: Center for Puppetry Arts in Midtown Atlanta
I’ve been working at the Center for the past 9 (!!) years, so it’s only fitting that I’d take a bump photo here. The giant Pinocchio legs crashing through the ceiling outside of the now closed Museum exhibit are an iconic photo spot at the Center, and I’m glad I got this before our expansion and new Museum open this fall!

Best moment this week: Celebrating baby H at our couples shower in Nashville last weekend! We felt so loved and are now even more excited for her arrival in just a couple short months!

Miss anything: It’s getting almost impossible to tie my own shoes now…¬†¬†hope Craig’s up for the job!

Cravings: With the amount of chicken salad sandwiches I’ve consumed over the past 7.5 months, there’s a chance she might actually turn out to be a chicken!

Feeling good/bad: Feeling good, but definitely getting more tired walking longer distances and up the stairs. Also, I am pretty sure baby¬†decided to run a marathon and take a kickboxing class while I was trying to go to sleep the other night… I was slightly worried she might actually kick her way out of my belly!

Baby purchases/gifts:¬†Our friends and family were so generous at our couples shower, and we received everything from clothes, animal wubbanubs, and a bike made of diapers, to a humidifier, boppy pillow, baby carrier, and activity gym. We loved receiving the book “Good Dog Carl,” which is about a “responsible” Rottweiler who babysits his tiny human while mom is away. I¬†can’t help but¬†laugh to think of¬†Coco¬†doing the same thing!


Looking forward to:¬†A weekend at home celebrating the 4th of July! We have plans to try out a new restaurant and see Jurassic World, spend a lot of time in the pool, hang out with friends, and shoot off some¬†fireworks. I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home after the whirlwind month we had in June. It’s crazy to think that for this holiday weekend¬†next year, we’ll have an almost 1 year old on our hands!