A Few of My Favorite Things (127)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Artisan Pendant Necklace // Engravable Bar Necklace w/name // Arabesque Chandeliers // Pave Chevron Ring // Artisan Stretch Bracelets // Artisan Disc Cuff // Old Navy maternity maxi dress]

[celebrating a coworker’s 10th anniversary calls for ice cream cake]
unnamed (2)
[checking things (like laundry) off the baby to do list]
unnamed (1)
[Top Golfing at almost 9 mos pregnant]
[oh my goodness, SK is 1!]
It feels like the weeks leading up to my due date (9/9) are moving more and more quickly! I had a good 35 week doctor’s appointment, and we had a nice weekend in town. We got in one last movie before baby (Trainwreck) and celebrated our friend’s birthday at Top Golf, which was so fun! I wish I’d thought of the concept, because judging by the crowds there last night, they have got to be making a killing. Despite the 3 hour wait, we enjoyed the food and drinks and had a great time hitting golf balls and trying to reach different targets to score points against each other. I have not swung a golf club since my grandfather Bop tried to teach my cousin and me how to golf no less than 15 years ago… so it was fun to try my hand at it, even if my belly was slightly in the way. 😉 I can’t wait to go back post-baby belly so I can actually play!

I also wrapped up my last 2 photo sessions before starting maternity leave from MHP. I just love working with my clients, both new and old, and I can’t wait to get back at it in October!!

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