A Few of My Favorite Things (130)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Relic Statement Necklace (worn short) // Cleopatra Studs // Old Navy maternity tank // Ann Taylor Loft maternity jeans]
[farewell work lunches must involve Mexican food]
unnamed (2)
[celebrating 32]
unnamed (1)
[some birthday goodies]
unnamed (3)
[farewell to the Center for Puppetry Arts]
unnamed (4)
[dining al fresco]
unnamed (5)
[a beautiful night for celebrating dad’s 60th]
unnamed (1)

Birthdays, birthdays, everywhere! We had a wonderful week celebrating mine and my dad’s birthdays (he turned 60!). I also share a birthday with my sister-in-law’s mom, so we had a fun smorgasbord dinner from California Pizza Kitchen with both of our families on Wednesday — followed, of course, by cupcakes, cookies, and the most decadent salted caramel ice cream from Sprinkles.

Over the weekend, the boys took our dad to the Braves/Yankees game, so my mom and I had a fun outing on the Westside. We got a little taste of Italy with dinner at Gio’s Chicken and had the best gelato for dessert. Yum! Saturday, we started my dad’s big 6-0 off with Mountain Biscuits, which is a tiny little place in Marietta, but it feels like it could be up in the North GA mountains. The weather was absolutely perfect for breakfast on their picnic tables, and the food did not disappoint. The menu includes Fried Cinnamon Rolls… to die for. We finished up his big day with a delicious meal at Kevin Rathbun Steak.

So what’s next… I’m done with work and just hoping to enjoy a few days of relaxation and finishing up a few things before baby girl makes her debut!

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