A Few of My Favorite Things (131)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Arabesque Necklace in gold // Arabesque Chandeliers in gold // Artisan Stretch Bracelets // JCrew cardigan // Old Navy maxi dress]
[healthy breakfast for the week of leisure]
[personalized pillow for our new chair]
unnamed (2)
[breast cancer awareness starts on 9/10!]
unnamed (1)
[pretty plate at Taqueria Tsunami on the Square]
unnamed (3)
Well folks, we’re still here and waiting on little lady to make her debut! Last week was what I jokingly dubbed my “week of leisure” since I’m now done with work. I fully enjoyed several lunch dates, trips to the pool, sleeping in, and just relaxing in preparation for what’s to come. All the “to-do” items are checked off my list, and I’m such a busy body that now I’m getting a bit anxious with nothing left to do but wait. My due date is on Wednesday the 9th, so we’re all hoping and praying she’ll decide she wants to join us very soon!

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