A Few of My Favorite Things (132)

[my best girl]
[my first cold Pub Sub since 2014 – oh so good]
[welcome home, Leighton!]
[good morning kisses from big sister Coco]
[cupcakes to celebrate a successful 1st pediatrician check-up]
[5 days old and sporting her first bow]
Well, it’s easy to say that my favorite thing this week (and of all time) was bringing Leighton into this world on September 10th! We got home from the hospital Saturday afternoon and spent the next couple days soaking up time with our families. We’ve been on our own since Monday, and while it’s been a bit trying at night, we’re slowly getting into the groove as a family of 4 (of course Coco counts!).

We’re fortunate to have lots of family and friends bringing us the most delicious food every few days, because Lord knows I won’t be at the grocery store for a while. 🙂 It’s been so nice having regular visitors who want to meet Leighton and snuggle with her since we’ll be home-bound for a while. I’ve never felt so loved and supported! Stay tuned for lots more baby photos… it’s probably not going to lighten up any time soon. 😉

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