Leighton’s 1st Thanksgiving

Last week we celebrated Leighton’s first Thanksgiving, and oh how much we have to be thankful for this year!! The addition of our little girl to our family is of course the biggest blessing we’ve received not just this year, but ever.

Our first trip to Nashville with baby in tow was definitely different than last trips, but we had so much fun trekking around the city introducing her to family and friends. We spent 4 nights there with Craig’s family, but we managed to pack about a month’s worth of visits in while we were there. And along the same lines, we packed half our house to make the trip! Here are a few of our favorite moments from the trip (not pictured are visits with several other friends — somehow, I forgot to snap any photos!).

The perfect baby traveller is a sleeping one::
Cheering on Aunt Cassie at her basketball game::
4 generations with Craig’s grandparents and a portrait of his mom, Karen::
I think it’s now confirmed that L looks just like her daddy::
Thanks for my Gobble onesie, Addison!

Thanksgiving #2::
12299320_994450433951629_2009683306865888208_n (1)
Craig’s family surprised us with a mini shower and sent us home with all sorts of goodies!
A fun afternoon at Arrington Vineyards::
Quality time with some of my best girls::
L didn’t quite cooperate for a photo with Craig’s parents, but we’ll take it!

The holidays have always been something I look forward to — spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food, doing nice things for others, and taking time to really appreciate our many blessings. Having a baby has made these occasions so much more special and memorable, and I know that feeling will only multiply as she gets older. We can’t wait to get back to Nashville next month for Christmas!

A Few of My Favorite Things (137)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Relic Statement Necklace // Pave Chevron Ring // bracelet stack // Stitchfix top // Gap jeans // Sole Society booties (last year)]

[2 month check-up]
[reading time with baby]
[field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts]
[parents’ night out at the Tabernacle]
[Chase Rice concert]
[exploring PCM]
[gameday – 8 weeks apart]

I’m not sure how it’s already mid-November, but I suspect that having a 2-month-old may have something to do with time flying by in the blink of an eye lately. This month is the busiest time of the year for my photography business, and this week, I had 7 sessions that kept me incredibly busy. Needless to say, I need more hours in the day to get everything done! But I couldn’t be more thankful for the continued support of my business from repeat clients, referral clients, friends, and family. I feel incredibly blessed that it worked out for me to work from home, and in addition to that, be doing what I love. I couldn’t be more happy that I don’t have to spend these next couple weeks preparing to go back to work full-time and be away from my darling baby. The days can be tiresome and long, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

In addition to lots of fall photo sessions, we did have some fun things going on. Leighton turned 2 months old, we took our family Christmas photos (thanks to the help of my mom and a tripod), and I took my mom and Leighton back to my old workplace (the Center for Puppetry Arts) for the members only preview of the brand new Museum that was just completed, and it was better than I could have imagined! If you’re in Atlanta, it’s a definite must-see.

Craig and I also got to go out on Thursday for a night of dinner, drinks, and country music with my brother and our friend Hunter (we missed you, Lauren!). We had so much fun that night, but it was hard not to miss our girl, even just for a few hours. We were home by midnight and I was up just a couple hours later to feed Leighton, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Craig went to Auburn on Saturday for the Georgia game, and I stayed in town with L due to having a couple make-up photo sessions. I spent part of the game day with some friends and their babies, and we capped off the night with Mexican once Craig made it back in town. And although it was a boring game, I can’t go without saying “Go Dawgs!” So glad we managed to get a W this week! Here’s looking forward to a week of photo sessions, family time, and prepping for Thanksgiving travel!

Leighton @ 2 months

unnamed (1)

Height + Weight: 22.84” (68th percentile) | 11lbs 5oz (50th percentile)

We had her two month checkup this morning, and aside from a little cold and slight cradle cap on her eyebrow area (that’s why they look orange in photos right now), she got a glowing review from the doctor. She did have to get her first round of shots, which is never fun. Thankfully, we don’t have to go back till she’s 4 months. Yay!

Milestones: Leighton moved on up to size 1 diapers this month, and she has also outgrown most of her newborn clothes. We have a couple pair of footie pjs that she never even got to wear because she was too long for them. She’s growing like crazy, which is great but also bittersweet!

She has also become so much more alert. All of a sudden, she really likes to be held facing outward and sitting up – I guess she was tired of just looking at us all the time. 🙂 And she’s been rocking tummy time since we started propping her up on a little boppy pillow. The first time she held her head up high and looked all around was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!


Likes: Leighton LOVES bath time. She will sit quietly in her baby tub and just look around while we bathe her, and she only cries when it’s time to get out — ha! And we’ve discovered that she really enjoys lying on her changing pad in her room… sometimes I think she’d stay there for an hour if we could leave her unattended! (Not to worry, she’s always supervised.)

She also loves going on walks in her stroller. We got the City Mini GT, and I love it so much! A couple weeks ago, we started laying down the back of the seat so she could be strapped right into the stroller rather than having to sit in her car seat since she’s still so small. She will lie there looking up through the little sunroof in the hood of the stroller, just happy as a clam!


Dislikes: Still seriously hates being made to wait more than about 5 seconds to eat when she’s hungry! It’s amazing how mad she can get and how quickly things escalate when she’s dying of starvation. 

She also does not appreciate being swaddled — especially by her daddy because he does it so tightly! But it never fails to calm her down and get her to sleep once she’s wrapped.

Fun stuff & firsts: We celebrated Leighton’s first official holiday — Halloween! She was the cutest cupcake, and we had a great time celebrating with our neighborhood friends.

Not exactly fun, but she seems to have developed a bit of acid reflux recently. Out of nowhere, she started screaming every time she was put in her crib at night, her spit up went from normal to crazy amounts being spewed all over us and the floor, and she seemed to be in a bit pain during feedings. So we’ve done a few things to help, and they seem to be working. Hopefully she’ll outgrow this before too long!

The past month, she’s had several restaurant and shopping outings, and she’s getting much more used to hanging out in her car seat for longer periods of time. Riding in the car tends to put her to sleep pretty quickly, which is nice!

To cap off her 2nd month, Leighton has found her tongue, is chewing on her fists, and has officially started smiling! To interact with her and receive a genuine smile is one of the happiest feelings — it totally redeems her random crying fits. 🙂 But seriously, baby smiles will melt your heart!




Leighton’s First Halloween


Halloween marked Leighton’s first official holiday, and what a fun one to start out with! We dressed her up as a cupcake because I joked throughout my pregnancy that she might come out as a cupcake or donut due to the amount of desserts I ate. 🙂 I found the cutest knit cupcake hat on Etsy and finished off the simple costume with a brown onesie to look like the “cake” portion of the cupcake.



Our neighborhood gets really into Halloween and has a big potluck outside in our green space, followed by a parade of kids in costumes and trick-or-treating. Even before we had Leighton, we’ve always loved this neighborhood tradition. We’d set up shop in the driveway and hang out with the neighbors well after the last trick-or-treaters had passed through. This year, my mom got to join us for the fun and also helped watch L so we could enjoy the night with everyone. Craig set up our fire pit and Adirondack chairs on the driveway, as well as our new Coolest cooler speaker (that also holds drinks this time) and a wagon filled with candy. The fire drew in all sorts of visitors until way past the last round of trick-or-treaters!

Some of my favorites from the neighborhood costume contest were the tiny astronaut, the little green race car (complete with working headlights),the Orange Cabbage Patch Doll, and the family of vampires and a miniature bat.


Little cupcake managed to sleep snuggled up next to me in her carrier for the majority of the festivities, but she promised that she’d be up for more fun next year when she’s 1.