A Few of My Favorite Things (142)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: NEW Totem Tassel Pendant Necklace/ Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet / Turquoise Sawyer Stone Stretch Bracelet / Engravable Bar Necklace / Stitchfix top]

[sitting up and loving it]

[sister time in the nursery]

[clam strips are back in my life!]

[learning to roll]

[birthday brunch]

[first taste of rice cereal!]

What an eventful week! We started off with Leighton’s 4 month pediatrician appointment, which included shots, but she was a pretty good sport, other than a few screams. She’s finally strong enough to sit up on her Bumbo chair, and she loved her first time in it! She played with a toy for probably 30 minutes while in the Bumbo, which made mom and dad very happy! It was truly a week of firsts for her, as she also officially rolled over from back to stomach (and does it all the time now) and she also had her first taste of rice cereal to close out the week! I assumed she’d spit it all out, but she actually ate some and even tried to take the spoon to feed herself. I can’t wait to get past this boring cereal and onto the pureed foods… hopefully she’ll love those!

We had a couple fun meals out with my family while my dad was in town on a break from work this week. The guys ended up with some free time on Friday, so we took the opportunity to try out chef Ford Fry’s newest hot spot, BeetleCat in Inman Park. They only serve lunch one day a week (Friday), and they only serve their fried clams (whole belly and strips) at lunch. I have a lifelong obsession with clam strips (just ask my family), so naturally, that’s what I ordered. They were light, airy, and perfectly fried — I just wish there had been more of them on the roll! The waitress said that their coconut cream pie was the chef’s grandmother’s recipe, and it did not disappoint. We all agreed it was probably the best coconut pie we’d ever had.

I got a girls’ afternoon out on Saturday to celebrate one of my bff’s birthdays with brunch at Kaleidoscope. It was a gorgeous day filled with delicious food, mimosas, cake, a little shopping, and good friends. We had a cookout later that night with some friends, which was a great way to wind down the weekend. If only Miss LL had been a good sleeper later that night… but we’re in the midst of her learning to put herself back to sleep after rolling over in the middle of the night, which has not been fun. Hopefully she’ll get the hang of it soon (to then move on to the next sleep-depriving phase, I’m sure).

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