A Few of My Favorite Things (147)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Engravable Disc with monogram // Sahara Pendant Necklace // Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet // JCrew top // Stitchfix jeans // Tieks flats]

[spring decor is taking over]

[master bath is almost done!]

[pre-dinner drink at Bartaco]

[happy 30th to our favorite Lauren!]

[Sunday stroll]

[gelato + flats + floors]

Oh, how I love weekends like the one we just had! My sweet mom babysat Leighton on Friday so we could have a double date with our friends at the best burger place in town, Bocado. We thoroughly enjoyed our night talking about their baby on the way and eating lots of burgers and fries.

Our favorite thing of the week was celebrating our sister-in-law Lauren’s 30th birthday! She is truly the sister I never had, and we love her more with each passing year. She’s the sweetest, most loving aunt to LL, and we had the best time partying with her, my brother, and tons of friends and family on Saturday! Andrew surprised her with a morning yoga class filled with lots of friends, and then he cooked a huge brunch at their house, and we continued the fun all afternoon. Leighton got to meet so many new friends and wanted to eat Lauren’s birthday beads all day. One of the highlights was a collection of videos Andrew got some of her friends to make for her — the best one being a Lego stop-motion re-enactment of Lauren’s famed bicycle crash from childhood. I’m still chuckling thinking about it.

We had a delicious brunch at South City Kitchen with my parents on Sunday, and we took Leigjton on a long walk on the Silver Commet Trail to walk off brunch and enjoy the gorgeous spring-like weather.  We continued Lauren’s birthday celebrations with a family dinner at Novo Cucina in Dunwoody, which is an offshoot of the popular Inman Park restaurants, Fritti and Sotto Sotto. It’s a cool space, and we all raved about the pasta, pizza, arancini, and gelato. They also have a self-serve wine bar… I can’t wait to go back!

It was truly a perfect weekend!

A Few of My Favorite Things (146)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Lotus Tassel Chandeliers (wear 4 ways!) // Rebel Pendant // Engravable Disc in gold // Sawyer Stone Stretch Bracelet // Christina Link Bracelet // Stitchfix top]

[ladies who lunch]

[chunky thighs and baby tights]


[date night]

[weekend visitors]

We had a great week over here, and it’s hard to believe March is right around the corner. I had a rare week off from photography work, so Leighton and I had a fun lunch date with my mom one day. We ate lunch at one of our favorite spots in Marietta Square, Taqueria Tsunami, and then wandered around the Square for a little bit of shopping. We got the yummiest champagne vinegar that I plan to use on a salad later this week. 

My mom was also kind enough to babysit so we could have a date night on Thursday. We usually like to try new places, but we decided on an old favorite, Seasons 52, from when we loved in Buckhead. I appreciate that they post the calories on every menu item – and they have so many delicious dishes to choose from! I also love their mini desserts and always want to order about half a dozen of them, which obviously defeats the purpose of small portions… And while I love taking L so many places with us, it’s SO nice to get out with just my main squeeze for a few hours (and be able to eat my meal with both hands if needed and not while wrangling a very squirmy 5-month old who wants to reach for everything in sight nowadays). Date nights are the best, and this one was no exception!

We also got a wonderful last minute visit from my oldest and dearest friend and her husband over the weekend! They were traveling for work and made a (slightly out of the way) pit stop in Atlanta to stay with us for a couple days. We were super lazy on Saturday and hung out at the house all day, except for an afternoon cupcake run and dinner out that night. Nicole made us her yummy biscuits and gravy for breakfast one day and we pigged out on Dough in the Box donuts the next morning… so needless to say, we did not go hungry. They also got us hooked on the show Lip Sync Battle, so thanks to them for adding another show to our already-too-long lineup of tv watching. Leighton go so many snuggles from them and got to show off all her fun tricks. I love that although we typically only see each other maybe once or twice a year, she has been so amazing and has made the trip up here twice since Leighton was born to spend quality time with her and us. We had the absolute best time with them talking about their boys, making sweet memories with Leighton, and just enjoying each others’ company in the comfort of our cozy basement. 🙂 

A Few of My Favorite Things (145)

[Friday lunch date]

[sleepy coworker]

[afternoon walks with my girl]

[Swan-shaped dessert]

[bathroom progress]

[Valentine’s fun]

[my funny Valentines]

We’ve had another busy week over here! Our master bathroom renovation is going strong — more than a little delayed, but it’s moving along. The tile work is almost complete, and then we move on to some drywall / electrical / painting work this coming week. The final step is having the glass installed on two sides of the shower — hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for that.

I had a fun girls’ lunch (with one sweet little boy) at Joy Cafe, which has incredibly yummy grilled cheeses and a dessert called Milk and Cookies Pie. I could go there every week if it wouldn’t be so bad for me! We also left Leighton with someone other than my mom for the first time ever. Our neighbor kept her for a few hours so we could go to a nice dinner at Blue Ridge Grill with my parents, and it was so good! On Saturday, I helped celebrate an old  college friend at her wedding shower at the Swan Coach House, a Buckhead staple for ladies’ luncheons. It was so nice to see her and catch up with some other friends over yummy chicken salad, frozen fruit salad, and a dessert that looked like a swan. 🙂

We celebrated Valentine’s a few days early with a most decadent dinner at Marcel, one of our favorite new restaurants in the city. On the actual holiday, we cooked fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast, gave LL some fun goodies, and made homemade Thai curry chicken soup for dinner (I squeezed in a maternity photo session, too!). We just love our chubby little Valentine so much, and it was the best Vday yet!

Leighton @ 5 months


Height + Weight: approx 25″ | approx 15 lbs 8 oz

We didn’t have a monthly checkup, so we measured her ourselves for an estimate. 🙂

Milestones: Just after turning 4 months, Leighton mastered the roll from back to stomach. It caused a lot of nighttime wake-ups once she rolled onto her tummy (which made for some very tired parents), but she pretty quickly learned to fall back to sleep on her own. A couple weeks later, she figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back (but doesn’t like to do it as often), so she’s a little rolling machine now! 


Likes: She loves standing up (with a bit of help) and anything she can hold and put in her mouth to “chew” on, including burp cloths, rattles, toys, her clothes, and the hands of whoever is holding her. She also sits up in her Bumbo chair and plays with toys while we’re cooking in the kitchen or eating at the table (and by “plays with toys,” I mean “throws them on the floor for us to pick up every 30 seconds”).


Dislikes: She flips herself over onto her tummy and likes the new vantage point now, but she’ll get upset if left in that position for too long. She’s also regressed with naps a bit and won’t go down in her crib very easily during the day (even though she sleeps really well in there at night). We’re working on it and hoping this phase passes quickly. 

Fun stuff  & firsts: We started feeding Leighton rice cereal in mid-January, and it went better than expected! She tries to grab the spoon so she can chew on it, and she makes the cutest chewing motions when the food goes in her mouth. After about 5 days, we moved on to oatmeal. At the end of the month, we tried her first real food, puréed sweet potatoes, and she gobbled them up! My parents were there to watch, which was fun – and quite entertaining when she decided that a paper towel was the best food of all. 🙂 Since then, she’s had butternut squash, pears, and apples, all of which were well received. 

She graduated to sitting front-facing in the BabyBjorn, which she seems to enjoy a lot more than when she was facing inward. 

She has found her toes and also taken an interest in Coco recently and will reach out to touch her fur and nose when Coco comes over to sniff her. I can only hope that they become best buds one day! 



She had her first fever at the end of January, which got up to 102.6 degrees. Yikes! Thankfully, she was a trooper and acted fine other than some congestion. With rest and some infant Tylenol, she was on the mend in just a couple days.

This month has by far been the most fun and enjoyable for all of us. It’s so neat watching her learn and change so much, sometimes doing new things each day. She’s super smiley, and I just can’t get enough of that gummy grin. Every day with her is better than the one before!











A Few of My Favorite Things (144)

[Stella & Dot outfit of the week:: Pavilion Necklace // Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet // green Tieks flats]


[celebrating Andrew’s 30th]

[warm February weather calls for a trip to the park]

[master bath reno has begun]

[dinner with Aunt Lauren + Uncle Andrew]

[microfashion this week:: Old Navy jeggings and button-up // Freshly Picked mocs // ZoZu Baby headband]

After 2 weeks of sickness and fever making the rounds in our house, we finally had a healthy week! A couple of us got to visit with sweet baby Lainey, the newest addition to the Springbluff girls group, and I can’t wait for her to become friends with Leighton. I had a couple wonderful photo sessions, and we also started our master bathroom renovation. Hopefully there won’t be too many delays and we’ll be back in our room before too long!

We had 2 (very early) dinner dates this weekend — one with our neighbors and their little lady, who is just a couple months older than L. I’m sure they’re going to become great buddies when they’re old enough to play together. And we had a fun night with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law at Gio’s Chicken on Saturday, which of course ended with gelato. Leighton was such a good sport, staying up well past her bedtime both nights for dinner. Nights out with a baby sure have changed, but we wouldn’t trade them for the world. We ended the weekend with a Super Bowl party at our friends’ house. I had more than my fair share of chocolate desserts and I barely watched the game because I was too busy chatting with the girls…both are fairly typical, I suppose. Hope you all have a great week!