A Few of My Favorite Things (145)

[Friday lunch date]

[sleepy coworker]

[afternoon walks with my girl]

[Swan-shaped dessert]

[bathroom progress]

[Valentine’s fun]

[my funny Valentines]

We’ve had another busy week over here! Our master bathroom renovation is going strong — more than a little delayed, but it’s moving along. The tile work is almost complete, and then we move on to some drywall / electrical / painting work this coming week. The final step is having the glass installed on two sides of the shower — hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for that.

I had a fun girls’ lunch (with one sweet little boy) at Joy Cafe, which has incredibly yummy grilled cheeses and a dessert called Milk and Cookies Pie. I could go there every week if it wouldn’t be so bad for me! We also left Leighton with someone other than my mom for the first time ever. Our neighbor kept her for a few hours so we could go to a nice dinner at Blue Ridge Grill with my parents, and it was so good! On Saturday, I helped celebrate an old  college friend at her wedding shower at the Swan Coach House, a Buckhead staple for ladies’ luncheons. It was so nice to see her and catch up with some other friends over yummy chicken salad, frozen fruit salad, and a dessert that looked like a swan. 🙂

We celebrated Valentine’s a few days early with a most decadent dinner at Marcel, one of our favorite new restaurants in the city. On the actual holiday, we cooked fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast, gave LL some fun goodies, and made homemade Thai curry chicken soup for dinner (I squeezed in a maternity photo session, too!). We just love our chubby little Valentine so much, and it was the best Vday yet!

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